Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yew Leong going places

The Olympic Council of Malaysia has recommended Wan Yew Leong to attend the Executive Masters in Sport Organisations Management (MEMOS). The course will be over four sessions of one week each from September 2010 to September 2011 in Lausanne, Nairobi and Paris.

Yew Leong is a graduate of OCM's very own Advanced Sport Management Course.


  1. God speed Yew Leong, I hope you learn well in the 3 countries that you are going to. Bring home knowledge and start a better OCM.

  2. The future General Manager of OCM...a stooge for the Emperor!

  3. Dear Anon:3:36 PM, please do not jump to conclusion that Yew Leong is a stooge for the Emperor. I think this man from Pacesetter have more dignity and integrity than the old emperor. Give him a break, we hope he comes back with skills to improve sports in Malaysia.

  4. Anon 5:47, I do hope so for the sake of sports as I have seen many who moved into ocm and change for the worse as touched by the finger of the Emperor of OCM.

    If he does come back with knowledge and can be of use to all...then good for him. but if he doesn't and uses his knowledge for the benefit of few then alas, he has been touched by the finger.

  5. Dear Anon 2.43pm,if we were to look objectively at OCM, I think all of us will agree that the Board are all under the control of the Emperor. Many may have tried to speak against the Emperor but they are cut to bits.
    You see the Board are all serfs under the Emperor, they have no voice. That to me is the sad part of OCM. About the Emperor, he was once a good man who serve sports within the Olympian spirit. But as he gets older , I suppose he feels insecure and needs to cling on whatever he can get in his Kingdom. His days are numbered but in the course of it, he plunder and kill those who dare to challenge him. Those who are with him must have earn some benefits serving the Emperor.
    Yew Leong is new hope, I just hope that he will come back and be the new hope for OCM.

  6. You know what Eskimoes do to the old who are of no use to their community? ..............they feed them to the POlar Bears.
    This is the unfortunate part of the OCM community. I know you may say that this staement is heartless, but look at the burden OCM is carrying at the expense of all the Sport bodies?

  7. Great for Yew Leong to gain respect and earn a place of favor from OCM. If at ever Yew Leong serves in OCM as their next GM with his vast corporate experiences from attending sports management courses with OCM's blessings...by all means go for it.

    At least now u can keep the ASMC's Director company if both of you go for the same program. If those ocm volunteers want to remain in as board members let them be. Who really cares except for those NSAs who beg to differ.

    Sports in Malaysia is slowly going down the drain like a screwed up tap...dripping away. With many self interested officials around each turn...who really cares about the athletes. Even some go around destroying those futures wbo they take care.

    Everyone wants to get their name on the papers besides the athletes or the sports they represent.

    Even MSN is now becoming like a NSA for all sports as they dictate terms to the legitimate NSAs. Hellooooo...NSA please wake up!!!

    You guys are the custodians of sports...if you officials can't do any good anymore for your sports, please do ship our before you get booted out. It's not juz some of the sports has no second liner athletes but the same goes of the officials...as many past greats (dinosaurs) remain glued to their seats or post until they can squeeze all the juices out of their associations.

    Way to go OCM for getting a great guy like Yew Leong...perhaps as your future General Manager.

  8. Just saw the OCM website. I think another person that could contribute very well to OCM could be Mr.Andrew Gopal, UKRC.
    He seems to be going places with his experince in managing UKRC and now even doing a course for OCM.

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