Friday, April 30, 2010

Gymnastics in trouble

The Malaysian Gymnastics Federation's Annual General Meeting, held early this year, has been declared null and void by the Sports Commissioner's office.

The Sports Commisioner's office made that decision because representatives from Kedah Gymnastics Association, which has been de-registered, attended and participated in the AGM, where elections of office bearers was held.

Sports Commissioner, Datuk Nik Mahmud Nik Yusof confirmed that the AGM has been declared null and void and his office is waiting for the MGF Council to decide on the date for an Extra Ordinary General Meeting to held.

The AGM saw only one change taking place in the Treasurers post. The others, including President, Datuk Dr. Zakaria Ahmad, and Secretary, M. Shanmuganathan re-elected.

The Pahang Gymnastics Association has been given a show cause letter by the Sports Commisioners office for not submitting the reports for the past couple of years. This could be another problem for MGF.

But, all these things are a good indication that there has to be a change in the people running the day to day affairs of MGF. Enough of all these un professional attitudes which can cause an AGM to be declared null and void. If only the people cocerned has checked with the SC office before having the AGM, this could have been avoided.

Datuk Zak, please change the people running the association. Don't wait anymore.


  1. When organising the Annual General Meetings, all those concerned please check n re-check those attending are legitimate & have been registered with PPS (Pejabat Pesuruhjaya Sukan) and have not been blacklisted or de-registered by PPS.

    This is to avoid your AGM is null & void later if any discrepancy were to happen later on.

    A reminder to other NSAs or SSAs including mine.


  2. It appears that most of the sports body are having some problems or another. Mnay of the bodies are not well versed with the need to file this or that papers. Hey! these are all saports people passionate about the sports.
    Sure we have the Sports development Act but the SC also have this Borang and that Borang to fill. I understand the SC have got a job to do and I say they are doing it fine.
    Since all sports body now hyave to regiostered under the SDA, can the SC perhaps simplify the paper work or better still those registered under them, conduct courses on and off to explain the SDA and the issue of compliance.
    I understand they have road shows, but why not have a course on compliance of all the nitty gritty.
    Gymnastic problems are small and it is a matter of compliance only.