Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No 6 in Iran

The Malaysian Schools U-18 team ended their participation in the Asian Schools Football Championship by being the sixth team in the tournament that saw 10 teams participating. The tournament was held in Tehran from 16-26 October 2012.

In the fight for fifth and sixth place, the National Schools team drew 1-1  with Indonesia but lost 3-2 on penalty.

The team were led by coaches from the Ministry of Education.

Other results for Malaysia:
Malaysia 0 Thailand 2
Hong Kong 2 Malaysia 2
Malaysia 4 Brunei 0
China 1 Malaysia 1.
Malaysia 1 Indonesia 1 (Indonesia won 3-2 on penalty)

Hattrick of doubles for Norshahrul

 Kelantan striker Norshahrul Idlan Talaha made it a historic hat-trick of ‘double’ titles when he again emerged victorious in the 100PLUS-Astro Arena-FAM National Football Awards 2012 in Shah Alam, Wednesday (30/10/12)..

The Terengganu-born striker had won his first double in 2010 with wins in the Best Striker and Most Valuable Player award after moving from UPB-MyTeam. And the 26-year-old followed it up with his second double last year following a late surge in the second half of the season.

And this year, with his two goals in the final of the Malaysia Cup, there was no doubt as to who is the king inside the six-yard box.

“The win could not have come at a better time than when I’m expecting the delivery of my first born,” said Norshahrul. “So I’m very happy with these double awards. I have to thank everyone who voted for me and of course to 100PLUS for their continued support of Malaysian footballers.”

In the meantime, Kelantan goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat cemented his position as the national No. 1 when he picked up his third Best Goalkeeper award in three years.

“At the moment, my focus is with the national team for the AFF Suzuki Cup, so winning this award for the third time in a row is validation of all the hardwork that I’ve put in through the season,” added Khairul Fahmi.

Other than Norshahrul and Khairul, the Kelantan FA also took home the award for the Best Football Association.

The other big winner on the day was ATM where apart from winning the accolade for the Best Fan Club, they also had in Mohd Aidil Zafuan Abdul Radzak winning the Best Defender and Best Coach for B. Sathiananthan. Striker Marlon Alex James picked up the award for the Best Foreign Player.

Incidentally, both Aidil and Sathiananthan last won the awards in 2010 when they were with Negeri Sembilan and Kelantan respectively.

“I have to thank my players and the Armed Forces set-up for this award. It is the same as the first time when I won this award (in 2010), teamwork is the key to success and it must be supplemented with good management,” added Sathiananthan.

“I’m honoured to have worked with great set-ups, first Kelantan and now with the Armed Forces.”

The other winners on the day were Safiq Rahim from Selangor for the Best Midfielder award and Mohd Rozaimi Abdul Rahman from Sabah for the Most Promising Player category.

The award for the Best Club went to Sime Darby FC while Mohd Nafeez Abdul Wahab won for Best Referee.

At the same ceremony too, special awards were given out to the Ministry of Education in recognition of their contribution to youth development through the Minister of Education League Cup and also to Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Minhat, Malaysia’s Raja Bola who passed away recently.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My testimony and healing

I would like to continue to write about the healing that I received and hope it will be a blessing to you guys our there. By writing this I don't mean to put anybody down because I believe every one is doing his or best. But this is my story.

After surgery, I discovered that they has put some tubes to assist me in urinating. I asked why and they said that during surgery thy felt that my urine was slow, maybe got problem. I told them I din not eat or drink much for almost four days, how to expect urine to flow normally. Anyway, that what the text books says and I have to leave with it for 14 days.

On the 14th day, I was given an appointment to see the radiologist who would do test to see if there are blockages and so on. After 10 minutes the doctor said every thing is clear. I said to him, I told you that 14 days ago.

The next day was another appointment in the Urologi Clinic to remove the tubes. But the doctor said his room was to small to do that and he suggested that I come on Saturday, three days away, and there they would make sure that one the tubes are out, no emergencies would happen.

I was not happy with the statement but since its sort of prevention, I said should be ok. So the the tubes were hanging on me for almost 17 days.

On Saturday, I arrived for the procedure to remove the tubes. At the reception I was told that I had to come one week later. Why? Because they were polishing the ward and no bed to put me on, even for a few hours. The lady at the reception was adamant that I should go back because the bosses don' want people hanging around at the reception.

I said sorry, you people gave me this date. I sat there with my wife and a friend and prayed. After an hour, I asked the lady to call the ward again. She did, reluctantly. And there was silence as suddenly an attendant came and took me up. There was a bed available.

My friend. God works at reception counter of hospital also. In the ward the doctors did some test, told me to urine and they wanted to scan to see if the urine is cleared. The doctor did not know how to use the scan machine so they called some nurses who said said "clear". I said, I told you that 17 days ago.

Than came the time to remove the tubes. I was told only the doctor-supervisor has authority to do that and he was not to be seen. The staffs searched for him and - hopefully he was at an emergency somewhere - he asked who is there is the ward. They answered, a trainee doctor. He said ask the trainee doctor to remove. I wonder what happened to the authority part.

Anyway, as I said, everything is good because God is in charge of me. I would like to write some more about this process. The reason I want to write is I discovered that the mention of God moves the doctor away. There are not interested to heard about God having healed.

I have no problems with the procedures and text books and so on. But, always remember there is a God above.

I will write some more but two days ago, as I was sharing with a friend my experiences, he said this to me: "The symbol for medicine used to Red Cross. Now it's a snake and a bowl. What happened?"

Oops... I don't know. To be continued with......

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sathia and Bojan

I must congratulate my friend B. Sathianathan and his Armed Forces players for their fine run in the 2012 Malaysia Cup competition. They lost 2-3 to Kelantan in the final match on Saturday (20/10/12) but they were certainly the better team. Once again, congratulations to Sathia.

I have known Sathia for a long and know how passionate he is with his job. I wish him all the best as he prepares for next year's competition where his team will be in the Super League. This year they won the Premier League, a target given to Sathia by his employers.

I also would like to congratulate Boyan Hodak for motivating and inspiring his team to win the final. Boyan has been around in Malaysia for some time but I have never been close to him.

But, it looks like we would be good friends from now. At the post match media conference, he said this to me: "Please update your blog. I hate it when you don't do it."

Well, I will try to do my best, but please remember I am no expert like the other writers. 

Sathia, Boyan and the rest of the coaches should also be commended for making the season sucessful. 

Sathia has confirmed continuing with ATM while Boyan will go on a vacation while waiting for news from Kelantan.

All the best guys!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Miracles do happen

Its been a long time since I updated this pages. Some of you may know what happen, some may not know but let me give a brief summary of the miracles I received from God. In August this year I began to feel something was not right. I was having difficulty talking,  my right hand could not  work well.

My wife took me for a check-up and the doctors said I had a tumour outside the brains that was pressing against the nerves and that why is happening and they asked that surgery be done. 

The surgery its self was a miracle, with all the Professors, including their boss were present. I was on the table for six hours but the doctors operate for two hours only.

One hour after I woke up I saw the surgeons coming into my room and I said: "Thank you doctor, I am well." The surgeons panicked, "hey you are supposed to be asleep and can only speak after two days." Well, sorry doc, that's not God's plans for me.

I asked for food. The nurses panicked.  "Can you eat now?" , they asked. Why not. And they gave me some drinks and soft food while telling me to be careful.

After five days I wanted to go back and they were looking for excuses not to allow me to go, but finally the good professor said, "you are doing very well, home and recover." and on 12 September 2012, I came back to work.

I have been following the happenings in Sports and once I settle all that follow-up treatments, I plan to update this blog regularly.

I thank God for, for the recovery and the miracles. I know that this happened because the Lord wants me to take a break and refresh and receive fresh anointing to do the things I have to do. I said break because there was no pain in the whole procedure, I did not even have to finish the pain killers they gave. 

I wish to say thank you to my friends who visited me, prayed for me and stood by me. I appreciate all that you have done.
Thank you again. Remember, God is above al things, including hospitals.