Monday, October 22, 2012

Sathia and Bojan

I must congratulate my friend B. Sathianathan and his Armed Forces players for their fine run in the 2012 Malaysia Cup competition. They lost 2-3 to Kelantan in the final match on Saturday (20/10/12) but they were certainly the better team. Once again, congratulations to Sathia.

I have known Sathia for a long and know how passionate he is with his job. I wish him all the best as he prepares for next year's competition where his team will be in the Super League. This year they won the Premier League, a target given to Sathia by his employers.

I also would like to congratulate Boyan Hodak for motivating and inspiring his team to win the final. Boyan has been around in Malaysia for some time but I have never been close to him.

But, it looks like we would be good friends from now. At the post match media conference, he said this to me: "Please update your blog. I hate it when you don't do it."

Well, I will try to do my best, but please remember I am no expert like the other writers. 

Sathia, Boyan and the rest of the coaches should also be commended for making the season sucessful. 

Sathia has confirmed continuing with ATM while Boyan will go on a vacation while waiting for news from Kelantan.

All the best guys!

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