Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Will LTAM ever change?

The Secretary,
c/o N.T.C, Jalan Duta, KL.

Today I read, on LTAM website an article titled "Let's facilitate and not frustrate" I very strongly disagree with what has been said in the article.

LTAM does not welcome any form of comments and suggestions, even when it is done in a factual and fair manner.

The selection process has always been disputed because LTAM does not practise a fair and proper criteria. On many occasions those involved in the selection have been biased, victimized innocent young children, discriminated and marginalised innocent young children, by pursuing ill-conceived personal agendas.

Even as late as last week, an official by the name of Taisto refused to say who were in the selection committee, except to say that he is one of them. My three children have always been discriminated against. My reports to the media and other parties prove this. It's a very big shame and disgrace that the person who posted the article can claim otherwise.

People like me who have very genuine complaints "tell the truth and shame the devils" (as the saying goes).
LTAM has never replied my complaints or addressed them. Instead the complainant and his children are victimised. LTAM officials have openly told me that my children will be victimised if I complain.

My children are bright starts and exceptional players. They have been victimised constantly. Even my offer to pay for 50% of all expenses if they were sent overseas for training or individual tournaments were rejected by the President of LTAM, Datuk Razak, since November 2007.

One week ago, my daughter was denied her breakfast before her final match - what a shame and disgrace.

What I have seen up till now is that the association does not believe in the democratic process. It believes in practising dirty politics, carrying out ill-conceived personal agendas. There is so much more I have to say that is very very wrong with LTAM. My past reports have a lot to say. There is so much to say about what's wrong in the past four months itself !

I challenge the LTAM to call a press conference and invite all with complaints to attend, with the attandance of independent panel from OCM, MSN, etc..

If I as a non-tennis playing parent can teach all my three children to be top tennis playing juniors in this country; if V. Selvam (an ageing 40 year old) could be the top player in this country for 20 years - it shows the state of tennis in this country. What a shame.

Instead of working for betterment of tennis, some of you are killing the interest of talented young players. Please take a good look at yourselves in the mirror. I shall sebd a detailed report to the authorities concerned, as and when required.

Yours sincerely,
Bhoopinder Singh.


  1. Dear Mr. Singh, If indeed your accusations are true then, this is the forum for you to air your grievances. We cannot have dictators, despots, megalomaniacs to run sports associations that are open to all Malaysian. To quote another despot from OCM when he wears the other mask, " Sports he says, is a Human Right"
    Now the other matter that is of concern to me reading your letter is your declared interest in this matter that you are a parent of 3 talented children.It is not uncommon to see parents praising their children.
    Tennis is a game based on winning scores. If at all there is a selection it should be based on your children performances. I am not a tennis player and I declare that I do not know how the selection is based. Tennis is not at all subjective and I see no harm personally to show how the selection process takes place.
    I as Joe Public would like LTAM to come out and declare how are their selection made and I feel this Taisto should come clean on the matter.
    Mr. Singh you also have to accept that if one of the players is Roger Federer, you can understand that LTAM will admit him on a wild card entry basis.
    So over to you LTAM, if you do not answer , I think Mr Singh, bring your complaint to the Sports Commissioners office. Now forget OCM, unless you are prepared to play ball with the old man in OCM, if not you will be doubly disappointed.
    Good Luck to you Sir.

  2. Selections for National assignments have never been fair. A couple of years ago, T. Neesha, a higher ranked player was not selected for the Junior Fed Cup. Dorothy Choong a lesser ranked player was choosen over a few better ranked players for the SEA Games. There were many more instances where better players were not selected. LTAM should have a Selection Committee to select players. For your kind attention it is an offence under the law (Sports Development Act 1997) if selection is not fair. Quote Second Schedule (section 19) para 3 - The selection procedures for sportspersons, oficials, coaches and any other person to represent Malaysia in its sport are open and fair - Unquote.
    I had been following the development of tennis in the country and very honestly, Bhoopinder Singh has a point - selection has never be open and fair. LTAM will never change with the present set of office bearers.
    One other point that I wish to highlight here is on the actual development of tennis in the country. LTAM is more into glamour tournaments and neglected grsss root development. I am not against the organizing of these glamour events, but grass root development MUST not be neglected. I do not expect LTAM to physical conduct the Grass root Program, but as the governing body, LTAM must draft ' A National Development Plan' that will include from grass root to the senior level. LTAM does not beleive in Grass root development! Myanmar, India, China, Vietnam to name a few has prosper in junior tennis because they have solid grass root plan/program. The International Tennis Federaton has a representative in Asia and he is a Malaysian. LTAM should use his expertise! If one school has 20 children (6-7 years) playing mini tennis, could you imagine how many players we have in Malaysia playing mini tennis (grass root). Our base is "big zero". The Czeh republic has 350 children playing mini tennis. If only 30% is successful, they would have 35 players at world stage. We need to widen the base.
    For the information of readers, we do have a Development Officer (a lady from USA. She has been employed by LTAM less than a year ago and as far as I am concern she does nothing substantial. She was a spouse of an American student who is taking his Masters here. Why an outsider who does not understand the local requirement and the set up of our education ministry (MSSM) which controls sports in schools. We have many officials who are qualified to be the Development Officer - why this lady!
    V Selvam -40 years old playing for the country, Siew Meng at 35 still the national champion - what has happen to the development of sports. Has LTAM really make an appreciation of the situation as far as the sports is concern, study the strength and weaknesses and start drafting the National Development Plan. Dont just look for glory!
    Thank you for spending time to read this "celoteh"
    Concerned Tennis Player

  3. Just a short one. I was amazed to find out that the President of LTAM appointed her daughter to be the Tournament Director of major international tournaments like the Davis Cup tie and the Fed Cup. The duties and responsibilities of a Tournament Director is heavy. I was informed that the daughter never played tennis and never officiate in any local tournament. Is this not nepotism?
    This is about the only change that I can observed.