Sunday, April 18, 2010

International problem in Fencing

Letter fron NATHALIE RODRIGUEZ, International Fencing Federation, to Malaysian Fencing Federation:

Dear Sir,

We have been told by these persons that they will represent Malaysia at the General Assembly and also at the world championships in Baku. But according to the FIE system, if no fencer is participating the federation has no right to any official. The only possibility was to enter them as President and Secretary general since these persons are entitled to accreditations out of the quota.

Of course, we will delete them as President and Secretary General but we need to know if Malaysia will be represented at the GA and in Baku.

Best regards,

Nathalie Rodriguez M.-H.

Reply from Malaysian Fencing Federation:

Dear Nathalie,

The situation is that the Malaysian Fencing Federation
1) Our AGM is under investigation by the National Olycmpic Council
2) No document was handed over by the Malaysian Fencing Board of 2007 to 2009 to the newly elected board.
3) The working board do not have access to the FIE password to register any athlete which was change by the board of 2007 to 2009.

Mr Farik can represent the Asian Fencing Federation as the Vice President of Asian Fencing Federation but not the Malaysian Fencing Federation.

Miss Moira or Mr Ricky Loo can represent Malaysia for the General Assembly as they were nominated to be Olympic Council of Malaysia to represent Malaysian Fencing Federation for all business and programs. Our president of the Olympic council of Malaysia do not believe in proxies so I do hope you would respect his view in that no proxy be use for your General Assembly.

Though please help us with another situation where our athlete information of registration was left hanging and not provided to the National Sport Council for booking of tickets, hotels, transportation and most importantly their visa application. We do hope you can assist us with this which more important to us that the general assembly.

Thank you
Exec. Sec. Malaysian Fencing Federation

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