Sunday, April 18, 2010

FA Singapore's target: Top 10 in Asia

The FA of Singapore (FAS) have launched their comprehensive Strategic Plan for 2010-2015 ‘Building on our Success’ with the clear aim to raise overall standards of Singapore football at all levels in the next six years.

The Strategic Plan is designed to propel Singapore football to the next level - with the target to be among the top ten football nations in Asia by 2015. The six key goals of this next phase in the progress of Singapore football are:

  1. Establish Singapore as one of the top teams in Asia and maintain our position as the top ASEAN team.
  2. Enhance the profile of our game.
  3. Grow our business and contribute to the sports industry.
  4. Work with MCYS, SSC and other partners to establish a network of facilities.
  5. Continue to strengthen the leadership and management at all levels.
  6. Increase participation in our game at all levels.
Essentially, the FAS Strategic Plan 2010-2015 offers a systematic and practical way forward for FAS to build on the successes of recent years as they aspire to move Singapore football from being ASEAN’s best to be among the best in Asia.

The following nine key strategic areas have been identified to address the key gaps compared to top Asian football nations with the relevant strategies for Singapore football to excel in to achieve the goals in this six-year plan:
  1. Football Development
    - To increase the tactical, technical, physical and mental skills of our emerging talents to succeed at the Asian Youth level with the introduction of a World Class Youth Development Syllabus tapping on the best practices of leading football nations in the world such as France, the Netherlands and Germany.

  2. Football Excellence
    - To expose our National Teams against the Top 15 in Asia and Top 50 in the world where possible. We will be inviting teams of high international calibre to take part in the Merlion Cup and the Lions International Series.

  3. Football Science & Medicine
    - To provide access to high quality football science and medicine services and programmes to ensure that our players are as fit and strong both physically and mentally as Asia’s best.

  4. Football Participation
    - To increase the participation rate and football experience at all levels by delivering the best participation experience in football at all levels as well as underpin the success of our National Teams through the introduction of the National Football Syllabus.

  5. Football Facilities
    - To develop a National Training Centre for our National Teams, positioning Singapore as an international training venue. We’ll also be looking to improve and upgrade training and stadium facilities for our clubs with the aim to complete the development of 5 ‘A’ Class stadiums and one medium-sized football-specific stadium.

  6. Football Business
    - To further enhance the marketing appeal of Singapore football and to develop more commercial opportunities with the aim to boost the popularity of the game and raise revenue in football.

  7. Football Competition
    - To raise the profile of the S.League, with the aim to raise weekly attendances and viewership for S.League matches, re-establish the Lion City Cup and Merlion Cup as marquee events on the Singapore football calendar by attracting participation from top teams from Asia, Europe, North and South America as well as initiate the Asean Super League as a showcase for top teams from around the Asean region.

  8. Football Leadership & Management
    - To augment our progressive leadership and management position of FAS in world football by increasing our representation in the Asean Football Federation (AFF), Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and FIFA.

  9. Football Information Technology
    - To inject more IT to our game promotion and enhance the use of IT through a revamp of the FAS and S-League clubs IT infrastructure as well as completing the implementation of the FAS S-League database.
The FAS Strategic Plan 2010-2015 took about a year to formulate as it took into consideration the feedback and input of all stakeholders in Singapore football as well as evaluated the challenges and opportunities facing Singapore, Asian and World football today.

FIFA President Joseph Sepp Blatter gave his endorsement for the Strategic Plan when he said in a personal message to FAS: “the strategic plan that the Football Association of Singapore has devised is one of the most comprehensive developed by a federation that I have witnessed.

“Having read and understood your strategic goals, I am confident it will take Singapore football to greater heights. FIFA will continue to work with the FAS in the same spirit of partnership as the recent Grassroots Pro-Active Course and IT project, with our dedicated team working closely with FAS across the various aspects of the implementation process.

“Despite budgetary constraints, the FAS have a strong record of generating considerable returns on their investment, a definite strength in Singapore football. “FIFA has long recognised the expertise of the management personnel in Singapore football, utilising these skills in consultancy work as FIFA instructors across the confederations.

“By putting in place the building blocks for the next six years, I am convinced that the progress being made in the domestic game at elite club and confederation level will continue on an upward curve.”

FAS President Mayor Zainudin Nordin said, “The essence of our 2010-2015 game strategy is to identify emerging talents at a younger age and develop them through our National Football Syllabus and world class development plans that will focus on optimizing the technical, tactical, physical and mental capabilities and capacities of our players.

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