Monday, April 26, 2010

Secretaries in trouble

First it was P. Ganga Rao who was sacked as the Honorary Secretary of Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM). Now it is learnt that another Secretary of a National body is in trouble.

According to informed sources, the Secretary of Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia (LTAM), Jaafar Abu has been asked to step down.

Apparently, according to sources, a high ranking official of LTAM was upset with Jaafar Abu for some statements he made to the media and also about his close relationship with parents of tennis playing children.

Will update once Fair Play News gets conformation and further details.


  1. YOu know how I see it Uncle Joe, these LTAM warlords are chopping up their small officials to cover up their bigger problems of unfair selection. Who cares what the Secretary talks to the parents and who cares how close he is to the parents.
    LTAM answer the basic questions, how to you go about selecting the best tennis player in the country? Allegations were made by Mr. Singh that there is favouritism. Is this true? If it is true, then the whole Gin gang have to leave LTAM and they should get the Sports Commissioner to come in and form an open body.
    You sack your secrtetary is nothing to the public, you must come out clean in such matters.

  2. Si Jafar tak leh buat kerja. U nie tak pernah ke LTAM, main pandai tembak jer. No class la.

  3. Kenapa Nak Marah Aunty Jane? Sebab si Jafar tu tak layan u ker?

  4. See Uncle Joe on the comments made by the Aunty and the Uncle. Really who cares about Jafar not working. If the Aunty have facts and relevant to this discussions bring it out. Likewise we are not bothered if Jafar does not "layan" the Aunty Jane.

    I think both should realise that there is a problem in LTAM and this have to be deal;t with objectively for the sake of the sport.

  5. The Honarary Secretary of LTAM is elected by the Council, therefore only the Council can sack the Honorary Secretary. The Constitution says so. Unlike the BAM, the President can sack the Secretary General as the Constitution of BAM allowas it, but not LTAM. Unless they call for an EGM, the President has to wait for the BGM 2011.
    May God Bless Our LTAM