Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Executive Secretary of LTAM

My old friend, Ibrahim Abu Bakar has been appointed as the Executive Secretary of Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia (LTAM). He began duties a week ago.

Ibrahim, 68, is a former sports commentator with RTM and he is, presently, the Deputy President of the Sports Writers Association of Malaysia (SAM). He was team manager of tennis teams to various international tournaments, including SEA Games.

Well, lets see if Ibrahim can make things better for tennis.


  1. Boney M live in KLApril 28, 2010 at 2:44 PM

    Since Ibrahim your old friend, ask him about tennis before you simply shoot people.

  2. Aiyaa! Boney M , your mail is living testimony that all is not well in the House of LTAM. Give this new Secretary a chance to put right what is wrong la.
    We are not talking about shooting people. Uncle Joe merely highlighted that LTAM is sick. Everyone says it is sick, but no one bother to find a cure.
    Bony M live in KL , no need to do a Ra Ra Rasputin on Uncle Joe, just remain Baby cool la.

  3. What can an Executive Secretary do to improve tennis. We must understand the duties of an Exec Secy. He is basically the officer who runs the office. One must understand the Constitution of LTAM.The association is managed by a Concil consisting of the President, 3 Vice Presidents, Hon Secy, Hon Treasurer and Asst Hon Treasurer and delegates nominated by the affiliates. It is the Council that governs the Association, not even the Exco members. So what can our friend Ibrahim as Executive Secretary does to improve Malaysian tennis, he however, can improve the management of the office!

  4. Sorry to say,the feedback on En.Ibrahim is so far negative.Nobody seems to know what he is doing in the LTAM office,apart from putting spanner in the works.On the other hand,the LTAM Sec.,En.Jaffar Abu,who has all along, apparantly,done a wonderful job,without pay,we re told,is highly regarded and respected by almost everyone.Inspite of this,its a pity,we hear,that the LTAM President is not happy with En.Jaffar s popularity and wants him to resign.En.Jaffar Abu is truly the only gentleman and sincere person in LTAM.

  5. Anon 8.02pm , I think that is where you are wrong in your observations. Think about this you think the Council, and all the members meet everytime to discuss Tennis and how to improve it? They probably meet once a year to pass whatever needs to be passed at the AGM.
    Ibrahim is the person running the office and he is to ensure the everyday affairs of the office are carried out.The council through him will delegate authority to be implimented.
    You expect the Council to do all this?
    Look at OCM, they have a Board , these people at the Board just hang around to see when is their nextfree trip to a conference or a game at OCM expense. Who runs OCM? The Sec Gen la, he looks after the office , and run OCM policy. Man he is one mighty powerful person.
    Give Ibrahim a chance to carry out his duties la.LTAM is already in such big shit ,let see if Ibrahim can clean this shit a bit.Allfor a better Tennis for everyone.

  6. The future direction of tennis lies with the Council, not the Executive Secretary. Executive Secretary ONLY organize and manage the Office. The Honorary Secretary is the person who should carry out the directives of the Council. Executive Secretry has nothing to do with the development of tennis.Believe you me, tennis is a dying sport. The exco members are in their 4th year, many had served for more than 10 years, what were they doing? They had so much funds and none were allocated for grass root development. LTAM needs a new set of people to run the organization. If for the last 6 years they did nothing (except for some short term program)what do we expect them to do now. I want to suggest that someone to organize a seminar/workshop for a couple of days to discuss the future direction of Malaysian tennis and what action to take to address the present situation. Invite former national players, coaches, officials from Education Ministry etc for the workshop. At the end of the day, the workshop should be able to map out a strategy including a National Development Plan for the future of Malaysian tennis.
    May God Bless our LTAM.

  7. LTAM are set to sack Jaafar Abu. It is nothing new as the association is known of making controversial decisions. Even national coach S.Selvarajoo has been asked to leave. And his last assignment will be the Davis Cup. Apparently, the association has found his replacement.
    The appointment of Ibrahim is illegal as the president did not make known of his appointment to the Exco.

  8. Encik Jaffar Abu is too nice to everyone and the President does not like this. Jaffar cannot be sacked by the President - the Constitution says so. Jaffar was appointed by the Council and only the Council can sack Jaffar. He can take legal action if he is forced by the President to resign or if he is sacked.
    I agree with anoymous dated April 29, that the appointment of Executive Secretary is not the prerogative of the President. He must table it to the Exco meeting. The President of LTAM is only a Chairperson, the Constitution says that the day to day business of the Association is run by the Committee and NOT the President alone.
    May God Bless our LTAM

  9. Let it be said that if the LTAM is to run following Committee decision, that is enshrined in the constitution, then LTAM is a dead duck. How often does the LTAM Committee meets?
    Yes on theory it looks good but on the practical side, it is not workable. The President has acted and act he must to get his 1,000 players dream come true. You chaps do not like it , vote him out, barking by the side will not do you any good or tennis any good. Why not give him a chance instead of being so technical about constitution this or that.

  10. I do not want to argue on the Constitution. One has to follow the Constitution. It has been there for many years,it was endorsed by the Sports Commissioner in 1997 and since then the office bearers had been adhering to the Constitution. Am wondering why only this set of office bearers are not adhering to the Constitution.
    I remembered a few years ago there was a big write up on the introduction of mini tennis in schools. It was launched in Malacca by the same official (Mr Cheng Joo Chong) A few months later the program collapse! Never do "programs" on an adhoc basis like the ones in Langkawi!
    I like the idea of increasing the base, but many adhoc program like this had failed. Cannot the official concern form a Sub Committee to include the MSSM and produce a working paper. present the paper to the Exco and subsequently to the Council (For the information of members, the Council consists of 46 delegates from all affiliates including the Armed Forces) The paper should include among others:
    (1) The Aim
    (2) Objectives/Targets
    (3) Conduct
    (4) Coaches
    (5) Courses
    (6) Financial Aspects
    (7) Sponsorship
    (8) Roles of State Associations...etc
    Tennis is very close to my heart. We have 7 Exco members who had been sitting pretty "anggok kepala". It is not difficult to plan and conduct the program. Form a Sub Committe and make it official- jangan buat kerja adhoc (for those Malay exco members)
    May God Bless Our LTAM