Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flaws in Bukit Jalil track

National Stadium, Bukit Jalil
WASTE OF MONEY: Tracks at National Sports Council in
Bukit Jalil flooded after a heavy downpour on Tuesday evening.

Don't we ever learn? Some RM2.3 million was allocated for the upgrading works of the National Sports Council (NSC) running track in Bukit Jalil. Yet, it only needed a heavy downpour to point out the flaw in its construction.

The bad drainage system is to be blamed as water continued to rise during the heavy rain on Tuesday and causing a large area of the track to be flooded.

It is baffling to note that the drainage system was not addressed earlier as the track is located on lower ground compared with the Commonwealth Hall , Gymnasium 2 and football pitches surrounding it.

Water gushes from the higher areas onto the track area. It is also surprising why the tracks were not raised several inches to prevent water from being stagnant. Former international hurdler Ishtiaq Mubarak (national juniors coach) could only conduct his training at 5.30pm as he had to wait for the water to subside.

“It took some time (for the water to flow into the drains). We have no choice. We had to train at the other end of the track which was not so bad," said Istiaq.

“Several NSC officials and the engineers were around and I’m sure they now know it’s a problem.
“The water is not going into the drains as fast as it should and the water levels kept rising instead."

This is the second blow to the upgraded tracks after NSC claimed the track was certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

In the email dated April 6, IAAF confirmed: “…We have not issued any facility certificate for any track in KL and there is no such ongoing certification matter either.”

There are claims that the 'split timing system' was not installed.

Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU) deputy president Karim Ibrahim was then quoted saying; "I saw the tracks and when I pointed it out to the people working there, they just ignored me. Perhaps they know best.”

Several sporting facilities have suffered the same fate because of poor planning. Among them are the Ministry of Education hockey turf in Pantai, the Mini Stadium in Jasin and the 10 football fields, which will be one of the venues for the 13th Malaysia Games at the Hang Tuah Sports Complex in Malacca. - Report by Haresh Deol (Malay Mail).


  1. Sure or not uncle Joe, looks like you have made a mistake, that is the open air swimming pool meant for training our athletes to have more leg power la.
    Karim Ibrahim also does not know the latest training facility in MSN. They call it the "Pool", you know in MSN, the Gym they call it the" Jungle".

  2. don't worry... new tender come out soon... solve!

  3. Dei! all of you out there, what is wrong with you. NSC have a secret plan and now you have to make them bocor their secrets.
    Okay Malaysia is planning to send a Steeplechase Team for the coming Olympic Games. For those who do not know much , it is 3,000 meter event with 7 obstacles and one major is the water jump. What you see is part of the uncompleted water jump course.
    OF course Coach Istaq Mubarak does not know about this plan. Don't believe me ask Zol.