Sunday, April 4, 2010

Karim challenges Zol to prove allegations

The Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU) deputy president Karim Ibrahim Sunday challenged National Sports Council (NSC) director-general Datuk Zolkples Embong to prove allegations that he had ordered a boycott of the NSC mini stadium track inspection on Thursday.

Karim alleged that Zolkples had hurled baseless and malicious accusations against him, claiming that he (Karim) had directed head coach Harun Rasheed and other MAAU officials to boycott an invitation to inspect the track at the NSC mini stadium which was resurfaced at a cost of RM2.3 million.

"I want Zolkples to provide evidence on his allegations, failing which I will seek legal redress.

"Show me the Short Message Service (SMS) that he (Zolkples) had claimed was sent by me to Harun and other officials," he told Bernama.

Karim said NSC had only sent a letter dated April 1 (the same day as the supposed inspection) and that the letter was only received at about 1pm on April 1 while the inspection was scheduled at 4pm.

"I have sent the letter to the Minister of Youth and Sports, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Sports Commissioner and the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) so that they can see for themselves.

"NSC should have sent the letter earlier because it is almost impossible to attend the inspection upon such short notice. Anyway inspection of track is the jurisdiction of the technical people in the MAAU," he said.

Karim added that the MAAU office was situated just a stone's throw from the NSC office, in fact it next to mini stadium, and yet NSC decided to sent the letter on the very same day.

He added that MAAU technical officials should have been called to inspect the track when work was in progress at various stages and after its completion and not just once everything was completed.

"I urge the minister to use his good office to look into the matter so that such incidents do not recur because what Zolkples did was a personal attack on me which is tantamount to character assassination.

Karim also questioned why NSC had dragged Harun into the matter as he was only the head coach who takes charge of training athletes.

Media reports quoted Zolkples as saying that Karim had directed Harun and MAAU officials to boycott the track inspection on Thursday.

Zolkples in the report had also expressed disappointment over the failure of Harun who is employed by NSC, to attend the track inspection.

"Zolkples should not find scapegoats for his or NSC's own inefficiency. I also do not understand why he likes to pick on me personally because this is not the first time. I hope the Minister can resolve the matter," he said.


  1. Zol & Karim...apa lagi, boxing la. Macam MAAU President cakap dat day...

  2. Alamak! now the Grand Old Emperor of OCM offer to mediate this fight between Hang Jebat and Hang Tuah. If his record of mediation in OCM is by any standard a yard stick, to measure diplomacy and success, I say mati la engkau.
    The only person who is in position to mediate this is the Minister himself. Look is he the Minster of Youth and Sports or is he just a political figure! This fight does not auger well for Malaysia and it is high time he intervenes, get his Sports Commissioner office to do some back ground check . Dato'Nik is a fair man and have his head squarely on his shoulders. You get the cowboy from OCM , habis la.
    Thequicker this is resolved the better and Mr. Minister please do your job.