Monday, November 30, 2009

Suspend the cyclist, coach

Malaysian rider Wan Najmee Mohd was disqualified in the fourth stage four of the Tour d' Indonesia, last week.

He was disqualified because a Malaysian vehicle assisted by pulling him during the race, an act that is considered as cheating. Race officials, when contacted, confirmed the reason for the disqualification was pulling by a team vehicle.

Journalists covering the race also confirmed that the incident took place and they felt it was a serious matter that needed to be dealt with sternly. Unless. of course, if this is a "new tactic" by the coach.

Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) should take this issue seriously and not brush it aside because the team was representing the nation in an official tournament. If MNCF is not capable of doing anything, probably the National Sports Council (NSC) - the main sposor of cycling - should make it known that cheating will never be tolerated.

But, chances are nothing will be done and probably nothing said about it.

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  1. Uncle Joe , It is indeed very serious. In this case before you suspend the cyclist or the coach or the whole Team who were in Indonesia, the first thing you need to do is conduct an Independent Inquiry over the incident. Let's not be hasty about it, the disqualification of the athlete concern call for an immediate disqulification and they MUST be out of the SEA Games Team to Laos.
    The nature of the complaint is very serious and if after due inquiry and they are indeed cheating, I hold the view that the whole Team involved in perpetrating this offence must be banned for life.
    They are not only a disgrace to the cycling fraternity but to Malaysia. Please keep us posted on this. We have enough problems with Indonesia and certainly we do not need a National Team cheating.
    I hope the Minister is brifed about this and demand that action be taken