Thursday, November 19, 2009

Super Failure.

"Busy" Lee Chong Wei received a super knockout in the early rounds of the China Super Series when he lost Denmark's Jan O Jorgensen 6-21 21 13 17 21, in Shanghai, Wednesday.

Chong Wei, the World's number one player, who recently complained about tight schedules which make it difficult for him to represent his country at the SEA Games in Laos (10-17 Dec), is said to have just recovered from a knee injury.

In the Hong Kong Super series which ended last Sunday, Chong Wei, 27, defeated Peter Gade from Denmark 21 13 13 21 21 6 to become champion. And, three days later he lost in a tournament where he was the runner up to Lin Dan.

The next tournament on "busy" Chong Wei's schedule is the Super Series Masters Finals in Johor Bahru (2-6 Dec).

Is this the year of failures for Malaysian Sports? Or are these failures going to get those concerned to see that things have not been right for a long time and layers of wrongs are now destroying sports?

Anyway, I will write about these failures in my annual review soon. There way out to save some sports that are moving in circles of failure is volunteerism - all office bearers voluntarily resign and let new people with fresh ideas and no vengeance, malice and other motives in them to run sports. Why should all resign? Well you have failed. Haven't you?

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  1. Uncle Joe, Cool it la, the quest to be world number in Malaysia is a penchant desire of this 1 Malaysia thing. China a great sporting nation does not give two hoots about this. Dato Lee is not a T-600 machine in Terminator. He is a living breathing human being.
    The country expect him to perform at its maximum, is like asking me to drive my car at 200km all the time when I hit the highway. Even machines break down. Let him sit with his coach Misbun to decide the important competitions to take part and let BAM approve of this.
    In the meantime forget about the SEA Games in Laos and allow him to rest a bit. As spectators it is easy for us to wallop the players and coaches and officials if they fail and tell them this is without malice or anger or hatred.
    If anyone one there think they can perform better than Dato Lee, I am sure he can pass his shoes and racquet and see if he can do better.