Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chong Wei "too busy" for Laos

Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei, the world’s No. 1-ranked badminton player, is considering skipping next month’s Southeast Asian Games in Vientiane, Laos, fearing fatigue.

Lee (left) a silver medalist at last year’s Beijing Olympics, has been in great form, winning last weekend’s Hong Kong Super Series, but the men’s singles star is worried about his busy schedule.

He is due to play the China Open Super Series starting Wednesday, as well as the Super Series Masters Finals in his home country in the first week of December, raising doubts about his chances of playing in the Dec. 9-18 SEA Games.

“To expect one to peak in four back-to-back tournaments is asking for the impossible,” he told The Star newspaper. “I will compete in the China Open and Masters Finals. But I am not sure whether I will be able to raise my game in the SEA Games.” -Reuters

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  1. Dato Lee is a great athlete. I feel you must give him room to make a choice on the competition that he wants to participate. Look Lin Dan is China top player, he selects the more important competition and does not burn himself out. Laos SEA Games is a "kachang puteh" Game only imporatnat in South East Asia. You send Dato Lee there to bully the Thais and the Indonesian? Look he is an Olympic Silver medallist.
    Dato Sieh must come in and tell BAM to send the younger players to SEA Games for exposure. Games like Asian Indoor Games , SEA Games and even Asian Games are small fish for Dato Lee.
    Look Football, Badminton and squash have their own circuit. He is a professional badminton player and I am sure Dato Sieh will agree that SEA Games are for young amateurs.
    So Dato Lee must be allowed to rest, anyway if he tries to go , I am sure Dato Sieh of OCM will not register him because he is a professional.
    BAM you do not need OCM and the likes of OCM to tell you what to do,