Sunday, February 28, 2010

Larian Baton Sukma launched

Against the backdrop of one of the most historical site in the history of Melaka in Port Supai, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Bin Mohd Rustam, the Chief Minister of Melaka launched the ‘Larian Baton Sukan Malaysia XIII, Melaka 2010’ .

Melaka will be hosting their first-ever Sukan Malaysia this year from 10-19 June 2010.

In his speech, Mohd Ali said that there are only 102 days left to the start of the Sukan Malaysia XIII and as such the people of Melaka should get into the Sukan Malaysia mood as they might not have the chance to see it being hosts again in the state until maybe some years later.

“Sports is one of the 13 promotional product of the state and with this being the first that Melaka is playing hosts to the biggest sporting event in the country, Melaka should set the standard in supporting the games,” said Mohd Ali.

“I’ve already instructed the promotions committee to double their effort in promoting the games which will see a total of 33 sports being competed.

“I hope that the various agencies – government on non-governmental – will get into the spirit of the Sukan Malaysia so that out athletes can also be successful in the medal standings. I hope that for the first time too, Melaka can become overall champions.”

Mohd Ali did not only launched the ‘Larian Baton Sukan Malaysia XIII, Melaka 2010’ but also ran the first part of the run out from Port Supai which will see the baton passing through Tanjung Bidara, Taboh Naning and Durian Tunggal until the end of March.

In April, the ‘Larian Baton’ will pass through Asahan, Pantai Kundor, Klebang and then Ayer Keroh and Bukit Baru among others before moving into the last phase in May beginning with Ayer Molek.

Then it is on to Kesidang and then Banda Hilir to Merlimau at the end of May as the ‘Larian Baton’ then ends on 5 June 2010 in Sungai Rambai.


  1. All the best to Melaka for their hosting of Sukan Malaysia (Sukma XIII) come this June 10-19, 2010. Congratulations to Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam for the Sukma Baton Run.

    Majulah Sukan untuk Negara.

    Salam 1Malaysia.

  2. all the best 4 all athlet mallaca sukma xiii.gud luck............