Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cricket not interested in Olympics?

To see cricket at the Olympics is someone’s dream, but at this stage it’s not quite clear just whose.

On Friday the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced with some delight the International Olympic Council had voted to have the ICC approved.

Even as rumours of Twenty-20 cricket making a debut in the 2020 Olympics did the rounds, the men who run the game laid to rest speculation.

“At this stage, no decision has been made regarding participation or applying for approval to participate in the Olympic Games,” said ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat.

The road to cricket actually becoming an Olympic sport is a long one, and the first steps would be to include the sport in competitions like the Common-wealth Games and Asian Games. While there has been a push to include cricket in the Asian Games in China later this year, nothing has been finalised.

“The international itinerary is packed as it is and we’re having to look at cutting back some of the engagements,” a BCCI official told HT. “Practically

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