Monday, August 16, 2010

What a pity

Some concerned parents informed me of an incident where a junior player came to the airport to join a group of players going for an overseas stint. However, at the airport she was told that another girl has been selected to go and she had to go back home.

If this is true than something must be done to punish those who are guilty of these kind of stuffs because it will be a big discouragement to the youngster and prevent other youngsters from taking part in the particular sport, and other sports also.

If you have details please write in and let that organization know that Malaysians don't like such things in sports. Another informed me that he also heard about it and the replacement was a daughter of an official. Hope to get some details and more facts before writing the whole story.


  1. Uncle Joe, Before you jump the gun, I feel it is important to investigate the matter clearly. Personally I find it hard to believe that you can at the very last minute change the flight schedule or just change the tickets without informing the athlete concerned.
    In the event this is indeed true we must name names and let us see how such a fiasco can happen. Personally I have serious doubts over such allegations.

  2. Uncle Joe, Told you that the information you got are all not true. Sometimes parents over react a bit.