Friday, August 20, 2010

Loyalty pays

Its not just "Malaysia Boleh", but now we have "Loyalty Pays", a new term in Sports. I just heard the story of how "Loyalty Pays" became a new phrase in sports. According to many, a particular official wanted to reward an employee in his organization.

So he sees the President and recommends a raise - which is good - and the raise is a hugh jump by any standard. The employee, who used to receive RM3k plus, now gets RM7k plus, a RM4k jump. I have no problem with astrominal increases in salaries and allowance as long as it is done in good faith and those who really worked hard, should receive itu.

People aware of the situation say that the President did not actually know the figure and the jump involved. He was told of a recommentation for a loyal employee. I do not know if the President asked if there were other hard working and sincere people in the organization.

"Loyalty Pays," was what some officials are saying about the big jump and raise. Well from now, instead of screaming "Malaysia Boleh" lets not forget to say "Loyalty Pays". But, loyalty to - nation, organization, sport or individual.

If this story is true, then I congratulate the employee concern for the raise. I also would like to congratulate the official concerned for "doing it again". To the President, I say, Sir, its time for you to vacate your seat.


  1. Joe, I think I know which President and employee you are talking about. Previously the same President told someone, that you can't hold 2 portfolio and position because he wants to put his own loyalty people in one position which got paid. The other position was not paid but it is more honorary. Now this President can give both Portfolio to his Loyalty people. Well....

  2. Hello Anon 3.04 PM, do not keep us in suspense la. If you know this is true say la. which body and name names la. If not this Blog only thrives on hearsay. That is not too good la.

  3. Uncle Joe and Anon 3.04PM I think you can see no one dare to own up. This is not too good la. Very Disappointing.

  4. Anon 3.55 & 12.29.. a hint... the local body/organisation that has the world queen.

  5. Hi Joe, it does not need a Sherlock Holmes to guess which organisation this is. There is only one sports body in Malaysia, where the Hon Sec can tell the President and the Exco what they should do and they will agree! If they don't he will shout and scream! Right guess? This must be part of preparations for next elections...he needs someone real loyal..
    so pay lah!

  6. Thank you Shylock for the clue. I checked and you are right. But Uncle Joe, you are a bit wrong. It was not a RM4K jump. He was getting RM4plus but now getting almost RM8K. That's the price of loyalty! But how come a non-profit
    non-government organisation can afford this,
    especially when it is depending mainly on IOC
    handouts and NSC charity? No wonder the org
    has no money to assist its own members.