Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taekwondo back on track

After five long years in the wilderness, taekwondo, hopefully, will be back on it's feet on Friday when the innaugural Annual General Meeting of Taekwondo Malaysia (TM) take place.

Pro-term committee Chairman, Tunku Imran Tuanku Jaafar (picture) got the most nomination and is expected to be elected as the first President of TM. Datuk Seri Nazim Tun Abdul Razak is expected to be elected as the number two, if he decides to contest.

I have been told there are people who want to come in as one of the three Vice Presidents to advise Tunku Imran on how to run the association. I hope that does not happen and only those who love the sport and want to see the sport grow, should be elected. All personal agendas should be chucked out.

Hopefully with this AGM, all the taekwondos will be united. Hopefully, also, the new leadership can do something to catch up on the lost time, ever since the Malaysian Taekwondo Association (MTA) was deregistered in May 2005 over a dispute about clubs participation in decision making.

All the best to TM and may the best people be elected.


  1. That is the best for Taekwando Malaysia (WTA). This is made possible by the endorsement of this new body. We wish you well.

  2. With TM (WTA) at the helm, at least there is uniformity. TM is recognised by the International Federation. All grading and all athletes who aspire to go to the Games should join a club or school that is affiliated to TM.
    All the ITF or GTF clubs no longer have rights, they can exist as a health club. To these bodies, the best thing is to disband and support TM.
    Tunku Imran should be able to manange the affairs although he knows nothing about Taekwando. You chaps wants his management skills not his fighting skills.
    Syabas OCM , Syabas TM.
    With this precedent, it is a good idea to have members of OCM like Dato Seah Kok Chi and all the Board members to head or run a problem NSA.

  3. salam 1 malaysia .Orang Tm ni faham tak undang2 WTF bahawa tidak boleh pemegang jawatan dalam Nsa ada jawatan lain dalam Nsa yang lain YM Tunku Imran pegang jawatan Presiden dlm berapa badan sukan peringkat kebangsaan selain Ocm.

  4. Bro Anonymous 10.31 pm. Apa yang you chakap. Siapa yang ikut undang undang? MOM ka? You tahu Sukan di Malaysia tu Undang Undang saperti Acta Sukan semua tak laku. Mentri pun tak dapat buat apa apa, Persuruhjaya Sukan hanya membuat pendaftaran, dan MOM ni ada la badan NGO.
    Macam si Seah kochi ni, dia dah kata , kita ikut Olympic Charter dan apa undan undang you cakap tak ada erti. Apa yang MOM kata ada la benar. Tidak bolih di soal. Faham tak?

  5. Tunku Imran we thank you for finally resolving the issue of Taekwando in the country. This is the way to go and under your guidance I hope all Taekwando body will rally around TM.
    We have to thank your pesuasive power to get the International Federation World Taekwando Federation to recognised this new body, Syabas Tunku!