Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Players shun event

THE name of the tournament sounds grand but many did not show up.
The SportExcel Masters Tennis Championships was supposed to have featured the top 16-ranked play ers from each age-group for quality tennis at the National Tennis Centre in Kuala Lumpur last weekend but it never happened.
Instead, the event was snubbed by many elite junior players in the country.
Only the boys' Under-16 managed to attract the top-16 ranked players but the other categories did not meet the required quota.
The girls' Under-12 and Under-16 categories each attracted only five players while there were too few entries to organise the boys' and girls' Under-18 events.
Only a few national junior players turned up for the tournament. Among those who played were Syed Aqil Syed Naguib, S.Theiviya and Alyssa Boey.
It is disappointing that most of the country's elite did not turn up.
The Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia (LTAM) must take pro-active measures to ensure this tournament does not rot.
According to some parents, many players stayed away because it offered no ranking points.
"It does not offer anything except a medal and a certificate.
Why should our children waste their time playing in this tournament?" said a disappointed parent yesterday.
Another parent said the tournament's timing did not suit some players as they were either busy with upcoming exams or playing in Asian-level events.
LTAM executive secretary Ibrahim Abu Bakar said many players withdrew after confirming their entries a day before the Masters event.
"We had no choice but to continue with the available players. However, we need to brainstorm to make this event better next time," said Ibrahim. - NST.


  1. LTAM, I really feel sorry for you and if the reason for the Malaysian Tennis athletes refusal to participate because it is a non ranking event, I suppose you cannot blame them.
    As the body in charge of Tennis you have to make your competition attactive, medals and certificate means nothing really.
    Sports today is not like sports 20 years ago when the motivation to compete is enough. Take this as a lesson and move forward.

  2. Ranking points or no ranking's no excuse for players not wanting to take part in
    a National tournament-that too the SportExcel Masters.This has never happened in previous years.when ranking points were never given.It shows that the President(Datuk Razak Latif)& his crony/side-kick ExCo are a failure & killing the sport(tennis).What a pity.

  3. Whenever I call speak to the exec.sec.Ibrahim Abu Bakar,he's never around.So,my player don't play.Want to brainstorm what?Makin lama L.T.A.M.lagi teruk.

  4. The parent who said"Why should our children waste their time playing in this tournament when it does not offer anything except medal & cert"-is talking crap.You prefer your children wasting their time just practising?Comeon-lah,have the courage to be like Bhoopindar Singh,& tell the truth,hit the nail on the head.We all know how disgraceful the situation is in LTAM,& we are fedup.I think even GOD has given up.AMEN.

  5. What?Who in that the boys Under-16 managed to attract the top-16 ranked players?This is another big lie by L.T.A.M.officials.
    The Sportexcel Masters was a big flop.PERIOD.

  6. LTAM, do not despair with all the criticism, take it positively and admit your weaknesses. Being the National body for Tennis you will of course get all sort of response from disgrunted parents all criticising for their own self interest.
    Just take the complaints with good stride and if the Sport Excel Masters is a failure, so be it. Armchair critics there are many and to prove them wrong just come out stronger.

  7. To this person misusing Nadal's name to make senseless and irresponsible statements-please talk facts & sense.
    (1).Since when,in sport,did medals and certificate mean nothing to children?You have got your priorities & sense of values wrong.(2).What does "disgrunted" mean?Or,is it disgruntled?Parents/people are disgruntled for a reason,a just reason.
    (3).Not "all" parents criticise for their own self interest.Some may.Criticism must be welcome,to improve & move forward.
    (4).How can you say "if the SportExcel Masters is a failure,so be it"?,& to prove armchair critics wrong.LTAM has to take a good look at itself & buck up.
    (5).You don't seem to know what's going on in LTAM.
    (6).You have made contradictory statements.

  8. A screw up by any other name is still a screw up. The Sports Excel Masters is a flop and LTAM better do a postmortem to find out the cause.
    We have heard various views but I feel sincerely parents do get emotional when their children are involved.
    Mr. Singh comments is typical of an unhappy parent when their children are in the Game. His criticism are sometimes fair but mostly they are not constructive and personal. You want to do something get your support and unseat those in LTAM whom you deem are useless.
    Parents plays a part in their children development in Sports and without their help and financing you will not get children interested in Sports.
    You tennis guys know nuts about parents interference unless you chaps are in swimming.