Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Serious allegations

A senior Malaysian journalist hired by the Indian Commonwealth Games Organising Committee (OC) has claimed there was serious discrimination and racial bias in the administration, reported the Hindustan Times Wednesday.

Five Malaysians were employed by the OC in various capacities -- media officers to venue managers, but one of them had quit the job last month.

In an article titled "Now, Racism Charges Hits Games OC", the newspaper reported, quoting Tony Mariadass, former Malay Mail sports editor, that Malaysians received unpalatable treatment from the Indian officials.

He added that unlike officials hired from Australia, England and New Zealand who enjoyed cozy treatment, he was subject to impoverished treatment.

"I felt ashamed being here as a Malaysian. His (foreign official) apartment is about five or six times the size of my flat. Do we have to endure this discrimination.

"The 'whites' have bigger apartments, some with four rooms! Working conditions have been very poor with no respect for us Malaysians," lashed out Tony in an email to OC top officials, which was obtained by the Hindustan Times.

Malaysians, the newspaper claimed, were lodged at inferior apartments while other foreigner officials were allotted luxury houses in up market areas. But Lalit Bhanot, the OC's secretary general, rebutted such claims, saying there was no racism.

"Now that there are stories circulating in the media, everyone wants to put in their version. There's been no racism whatsoever," he was quoted as saying.

Tony, who was put in charge of press operations, had also mentioned that his superior had verbally abused him.

"He (the boss) further abused me to go back to Malaysia and said I am a cranky old man who does not do any work. I will not stand this kind of abuse, especially when I am hired here for my experience," said Tony. -- BERNAMA


  1. Tony, Your problem is not something uncommon. It is a known fact that the Whites are getting better treatment that the locals or Indian. In India you should know by now that if you try and speak to the Indian in their mother tongue they will not look at you highly as brothers.
    Even in China this syndrome of looking up at a white person is common. The way to treat them both in China and India is first do not speak to them in Indian or Chinese. Speak to them in English and you must patronise them. You have to give them the impression that you are the Lord and they are serfs.
    Tony, do not just quit, you have to fight them and patronise them.Sorry to hear about your experience.

  2. Come home la Tony.. Ni kes balas dendam ni, surely..

  3. He did QUIT and he is BACK HOME now.