Monday, August 3, 2009

Rosmanizam quits

Something is brewing in Malaysian Cricket. And many in the cricket circle are expecting things to explode in the days to come, unless of course the leadership take some measures to stem the tide of dissatisfaction.

Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA) Council Members have openly expressed their displeasure with the leadership for not taking steps to settle the outstanding payments due as rental and other payments for the Kinrara Cricket ground.

Yesterday, Rosmanizam Abdullah (picture) quit his position as the assistant secretary of the Cricket Umpires Association of Malaysia.

In his letter to the General Secretary of the umpires association, Sri Murigak Madhavan bk, Rosmanizam said that his resignation is with immediate effect. Rosmanizam is the General Secretary of the Malaysian Malay Cricket Association, which is actively involved in the development of cricket at schools and states.

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  1. Aiks...Sri Murigak gen sec MCA and manager of MAAU...fuyooh....