Saturday, August 15, 2009

R.I.P. Vivian Soars

Ms. Vivian Soars, who was actively involved in hockey and athletics for almost three decades, passed away Friday morning. She was 74 years.

Soars played an active role in the development of women's hockey and she had served the Malaysian Womens Hockey Association (MHWA) as its Secretary, Vice-President and also Deputy President for a short while.

She was also the Vice President of Malaysian Amatuer Athletics Union (MAAU).
Vivian together with Dorothy Sibert Bailey played an important role in organizing the Women's Hockey World Cup and Inter-Continental Cup held in Kuala Lumpur in 1983.

"Vivian was truly larger than life. She contributed immensely to ladies hockey and athletics at national, state, college and school levels," said M.P.Haridas, former General Manager of Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM).

I just hope that some day the Sports and Youth Ministry or any other organization will put up a hall of fame that would appreciate contributions from officials like Soars.

Her interest in sports would surely have come from her father, the late Alex Soars, who was a former sports writer and Editor of The Malay Mail.

The memorial service would be held at St. Paul's Church at Jalan Utara, Petaling Jaya, Monday at 9.30am.


  1. My deepest condolence to her family and may her soul rest in peace.

  2. (Aunty) Vivian may soars, may her loving soul rest in peace.She will be missed dearly by her family and me.

    Jordan licari