Monday, May 31, 2010

No way, says Indonesia

Indonesia has turned down the call from several Southeast Asian countries for Indonesia to host the 26th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in one city, citing a presidential decree that requires the biennial games be spread across four cities.

"We decided to host the SEA Games in four cities as stipulated by the presidential decree on the matter, although some delegations have called on us to hold the event in one city in order to minimize the cost of each contingent," chairperson of the National Olympic Committee Rita Subowo told reporters after the SEA Games council meeting at Hotel Mulia in Jakarta on Sunday.

The four provinces that have been appointed to host the Games are Greater Jakarta, South Sumatera, West Java and Central Java.

"Although we are hosting the Games in four different places, we will try to make it as efficient as possible," added Rita.

During the council meeting, the Olympic committee proposed six additional sports to be included in the next Games. The six games are paragliding, bouldering, roller skating, bridge, futsal and soft tennis.

Several other sports were proposed by other members of the council to be included in the Games, including Muay Thai, Arnis, field-hockey, netball, petanque, triathlon, vovinam and cricket. - JP


  1. Uncle Joe, I am actually intrigue by the growing number of sports that are being proposed in the SEA Games. Under Martial arts or combat sports we have judo, taekwando, Karate, Wushu, Silat, Wrestling and now there are proposal to include Muay Thai, Arnis, Vovinam and many more.
    My point is this, there 12 countries in the SEA Games. Is there not a criteria of at least having 6 countries or one half or more that practices this sport before it is included in the Games. My second point is can't all this sports be classified under martial arts where a standard rule is drawn for it to be sports.
    Look at Vovinam and Arnis for instance, these are more a self defence art rather than Sports.
    Are there any International or Asian Federation governing such sport?
    Do not get me wrong, I am all for sports and the promotion of sports but there must some form of order, right?

  2. Yes Anon 11:53 pm, I know that in the Asian Indoor Games they introduced a sport call "Kurash", it looks like Judo to me. The list is endless and unless these sports body draws a line somewhere the Games may may lose its significance.
    Look at the 6 Games proposed, Bridge? Is that not a card game? In the Asian Indoor Games they have stuff like Chess, Chinese Chess, even electronic Computer Games.
    I feel the authorities should redefine the meaning of sports, if Bridge and Chess can be considered a game, perhaps the Board Game like Scabble and Monopoly may also be included and who knows Snake and Ladder one day will also vie for a place in the SEA Games.
    Surely our OCM have something to say about this.