Friday, May 7, 2010

Betting licence

The government is studying the possibility of issuing football betting licences in view of the 2010 World Cup to prevent illegal betting and gaming activities from becoming rampant in the country.

Deputy Finance Minister Awang Adek Hussein said if the licences were not issued to the applicants, such illegal activities would persist and become out of control.


  1. Are we to become a gambling sports nation?

  2. i remember reading this b4,

  3. Vincent Ho, 4D can, genting casino can...why betting cannot?

    If haram all also haram la..dun this can that cannot.

  4. Mr. Vincent Ho, Your remarks appears as though betting and gambling is morally wrong.You may say that you do not want it to crop into Sports. The facts remains that as long as there is competition and there are favourities teams, there will bound to be betting. I am not sure if you can equate betting and gambling but the point I want to make is you are not being practical. The fact is you cannot erradicate betting not even in the desert countries where someone spoke to the camel races. Religion on top of it has nothing to do with it.

  5. Vincent, The deputy Finance Minister have more common sense than you remarks on Malaysia becoming a gambling sports nation.

  6. Anon 2:23, It's not a remark. It's a question that you and me have to seriously think about and any answer given would & should be the consequence of our own conscience for a better Malaysia in particular to the Malaysian Sporting Arena.

    Gambling is alright for the rest of us Malaysian except for those who profess Islam as their faith. Here we are given an opportunity to say our thoughts in agreement or disagreement to having the '2010 World Cup Football betting' to be legalised or not...and I just simply put my thoughts as a question: Are we to become a gambling sports nation?

    If any of you disagree with the question please do say so with a NO and your reason/(s) for being so instead of quoting someone else you put yourselves in harms way as saying you can really think for yourselves but let others to do it (say it) for you.

    Another question for you guys: Are we encouraging betting among children who would continue this vicious circle? Think about it.

  7. Dear Mr. Vincent Ho, what are you trying to say? It is not a remark but a statement for Malaysian to think it over. Betting or gambling in foot ball has been around for as long as I can remember during the Merdeka cup.
    You are not provoking the thoughts of Malaysian. You just cannot accept the fact that betting and gambling is alreday part of the Malaysian culture.
    Don't provoke a thought give a solution to it. Banning betting is an impossibility, if you want to choose that you might as well keep your children away from competative sports.
    Get serious and give a solution; cliche or remarks like this does not provke constructive or creative solution.
    It is like saying cigarettes is bad for you or prostitution is morally and legally wrong.Mr. Vincent Ho, even in Iran you still can find prostitutes despite its harsh laws. The graphic pictures of the cigarettes box does nothing to deter people from not smoking.
    Now coming back to betting or gambling, give us a viable solution to prevent it rather than making a statement that does no one any good.
    The deputy Minister at least is practical about it, instead of losing revenue to the illegal bookies lets legalise it and make some money out of it.
    This is as immoral as the government leving taxes on cigarette companies and letting the public buy cigarettes over the counter.

  8. As its an impossibility to stop a vice that have been ingrain as a Malaysian culture as you generally put it...and also have the support of level headed Malaysian like you, Anon 1:55. Then who am I to suggest otherwise.

    After this, let's hope that the Government too will approve & legalize 'kuttu' and 'mahjong parlor license'.

  9. No! Mr. Vincent Ho, betting or gambling is not a vice, as you put it. It is not morally reprehensible like prostitution. That is generally accepted as a vice. However you may already know that in Hamburg the Prostitutes are required to go for regular medical check up to ply their trade in the world oldest profession.
    "Kuttu" is a perfect system where a community jointly contribute to a common treasury headed by a "Kepala". It fails where the kepala abscorns or the players to not pay their dues.
    As for mahjong or mahjong parlor , you would know that in Hong Kong, invariably before any wedding dinner it is customary to have a mahjong session. Tell that to a honkie that this is a vice and he will be puzzled and amazed by your statement.
    Come on Vincent Ho, this is football betting. Sure there will be spin off of illegal activities, to me these are aberration for the authorities to decide Sir.
    Let's call a spade a spade and if we cannot stop it, I say make money out of it and legalise it.
    I thank you for commenting and if I appear to be rude, I humbly apologise for my language and not the contents.