Tuesday, May 18, 2010


the former honorary-secretary of the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM), P. Ganga Rao (picture) wants the association to explain on his sacking. He claimed that until Monday, he had yet to receive any letter or to be informed officially of his dismissal.

"If I am sacked according to procedures, where is the official letter on my dismissal from BAM. I also need to know the reasons why I am sacked and I am prepared to face the board to explain, if asked to do so. i  want an explanation as to why I am sacked after 22 years with BAM," he told reporters in Kuala Lumpur, Monday.

However, he denied rumours that he was involved in a conspiracy to topple BAM president Datuk Mohd Nadzmi Salleh when the latter was undergoing medical treatment in Germany.

Last April 13, Nadzmi announced Ganga Rao's dismissal from BAM with immediate effect.


  1. Datuk Mohamad Nadzmi Salleh is a hot shot corporate man. Now it is only the right thing to tell Rao why he was sacked. Now that the Thoimas cup season is over and as a Sports Body, I think all this have to come out in the open.
    I am no supporter of either side but Justice. Was Ganga Rao dismissal is with just cause or excuse. President of BAM, I think you have to come out in the open and confront this issue.
    In the event no explanation is forthcoming, then I suggest Ganga Rao sues BAM and really the President might as well retire.

  2. Its a shame that we find very dirty politics being practised in Malaysian sports,like in badminton & tennis.
    The Presidents of such Associations(Datuk Nadzmi Salleh & Datuk Abdul Razak)think they own these sports & can do whatever they like to suit their personal agendas.Their actions clearly proof that they have no principles,ethics or integrity.
    Enough is enough.Please have some dignity & resign before you destroy these sports further.
    Could someone(Prime Minister,Deputy P.M.,Sports Minister,Sports Comm.,M.S.N.,O.C.M.)step in & do some good for the country,before these people bring more shame to Malaysia.

  3. How come a person can be sacked so many times within 2 years? And why a person that has no time and holds an Australian PR is interested in that post? How can he afford to fly back and forth Melbourne and KL on a weekly basis? Well, the questions can go on and on.......

  4. Anon 8.48am, answer is Air Asia la.

  5. Anon 4.59 PM, its Air Asia's early booking promotion. It suits 'Now Everybody Can Fly' theme?