Friday, March 19, 2010

Group wants Tunku Imran to resign immediately

A group of disgruntled affiliates have asked for the immediate resignation of Malaysian Cricket Association president Tunku Imran Tuanku Jaafar.

They want the man who has helmed cricket for the past 19 years to give up the post together with secretary Sivanandan Chinadurai because of their frustration with the way the association has been managed lately.

The group led by Malacca Cricket Association president Mohd Ridzuan Mani met up in Johor Bahru Friday and later issued a statement, which among other things, urged the president and his right hand man to go.

"We have had enough of his (Tunku Imran's) leadership. It's time for him to step down and hand over the leadership of the Malaysian Cricket Association(MCA) to someone else. Sivanandan should also go.

"We have kept faith in his leadership for far too long and he has not shown the qualities needed to drive the association forward to better times," said Mohd Ridzuan.

Among the grouses are:

* Abuse of power at the very top when it comes to decision making;

* The lack of success of the National team at international level;

* The issue of the Kinrara Oval, home of the MCA where an estimated RM150,000 is being spent yearly;

* Vacancies within the Executive Committee has not been filled up;

* The lack of fundings to run the association

"What we have discussed among ourselves today are issues which the leadership of MCA should have addressed a long time ago. But because they are selfish and do not consider the views of the affliates, the MCA is in trouble now," said Mohd Ridzuan.

The group claims to have the support of at least seven out of the 14 affliates within the MCA and another five votes from the 10-member executive committee.

"We are confident that a couple more affliates are with us once we explain the present MCA situation to them," added Mohd Ridzuan. The MCA elections are due in March next year.


  1. En Mohamad Ridzuan Mani your call for Tunku Imran to step down as President after occupying the post for 19 years is reasonable. Tunku Time to Say Good bye.
    While you are contemplating on this call, may I humbly ask you to contemplate on your post as President of OCM, I am not asking you to step down but can you please consider asking your Secretary General aka the Emperor of OCM to step down.
    Tunku the reason is, the manner he goes about throwing his weight , it seems that you are just nothing but a puppet in OCM manipulated by the Emperor. Looks bad not only for you but for OCM also.
    Give him a gold watch or something and throw him a lavish party, but please Release Him and Let Him Go.

  2. Well it looks like Tunku Imran's leadership is being questioned by his own sports association. If this is the state of affair at Malaysian Cricket Association...what else can be said of his leadership qualities at Olympic Council of Malaysia or the pro-tem committee of Taekwando Malaysia?

    It's a sad thing actually...but any known leader worth his/her salt should know...if it's your time to leave, better to leave when you are wanted and not when others are asking you to leave.

  3. Tunku Imran after 19 years helming Cricket, we in MCA disassociate ourselves from those disgrunted affiliates. We feel they are crass and lacks class. We appreciate your presences and gently we would like to dedicate this song to you by Sarah Brightman and Andre Bochelli.

    Thank you Tuanku. For you:

  4. MCA should report all this to the International Olympic Council. I have problems created by OCM as well with bad leadership by Tunku Imran.

    Here is the person to complain to

    The more individual association report of mis-treatment by the OCM the more pressure for Tunku Imram and the borad to act in behalf of teh athlete and sport in Malaysia rather then their political milage or power (DSKC).