Monday, March 22, 2010

Can foreigners hold office?

There is talk in the bodybuilding circle that a foreigner has been appointed Vice President of one state association.

I have yet to receive confirmation but speculation has it that a Bangladeshi was given the post after he (the foreigner) gave a commitment to sponsor the state's bodybuilders to the Mr. Malaysia championship in Penang, in July.

As far as I know the Sports Commissioner's Office has made it clear that no foreigners are allowed to hold office or to be admitted as a member to any state or national sports associations.
Unless, of course, the rules have been changed or exceptions been given for this particular case.

Anyway, I hope to update this report as I get some confirmations.


  1. What is the issue of a foreigner holding office in a State Association? In this case if the Bangladeshi is able and willing to sponsor the Mr. Malaysia Championship in Penang.
    Let's be honest with ourselves, look around you Cricket,Taekawndo,Golf, Badminton and so many sports are having problems and they are run by Malaysian. Look at the foreign players and coaches that we accepted to play and train under the Malaysian flag, we have no problems with that, why not have and accept a NON Malaysian to run a state association. Maybe Malaysian sports can learn a thing or two from these foreigners.

  2. then perhaps OCM should have a foreigner to helm it and admit other foreigners to hold office there too. Remove all local office bearers in all the NSAs n change the names of all NSAs with a foreign name instead. Have foreign players and throw out all local players. As Malaysians are being lazy to do any thing for themselves lets the foreigners do our bidding...and after they have been successful we just throw them out as they are 'pendatang'.

  3. I totally agree with Anon 10:56...if we go by Mr. Olympism words...we no need the likes of Nicol David or Lee Chong Wei to be our National Players...foreigners are better. Pay them top bill, and Malaysia can go very far 'broke'.

    If at ever the state wanted a sponsor, they did not need to get him in but make him an official sponsors lar...why need to give position to make people to sponsor. Is the association's office bearers has a price tag to be sold as the association feel fit to do?

    Sports Commissioner please do look into this matter as if this trend continues, almost all state or even national sports associations will have a problem.

  4. Hello! Anon 1.32 pm look at the problems in the NSA? Look at the nonsense that is happening in OCM especially the Grand old Emperor who refuses to follow the Sports Development Act. Look at our athletes especially the football team.

    I love the idea of having foreigners running the OCM, because it can teach the present Board in OCM the meaning of the Spirit of Olympism. Look at the President of OCM 19 years still there and who is kicking him out?

    What I am saying is hopefully with these foreigners, like the Indonesian, Vietnamese and Bangla, they will work hard and spur the lazy Malaysian athletes to work harder. Saying that we do need Nicole David and Lee Chong Wei, you are talking off the mark.

    Really want to be all Malaysian in all fields, then get rid of all foreign elements. You know and we know we are very behind the SEA countries in Sports except maybe we beat Laos and perhaps Timor Leste.

    The Bangladeshi wants to help out and teach Malaysian to organise a Mr. Malaysia, maybe can teach OCM how to run the body fairly la. What is wrong with that la.?

  5. Mr. Olympism please re-read Joe's article...the foreigner is not there to assist in organising the Mr. Malaysia as you aptly put it. He is sponsoring a state to field their bodybuilders to the Mr. Malaysia and given an appointment to do that as well. Unless that particular state has changed their constitution and the Sports Commissioners Office has given the go ahead to the state to do that...that state in particular have breach their own constitution of accpeting a foreigner.

    A law is there for a reason unless you advocate to break them to suit your justification and reasons.

    Let the authorities do what they must, as this problem has come to light and not make matters worse for anyone else. I have much respect for your reasonings before but this time around it shows you have a great disregard of any authoritative laws to protect the interest of Malaysian sports.

    Yes, Malaysian do need a lesson to organise their local sports but how many people who knows to criticises come out and help those associations...who might want or not. Many don't and are only good in bad-talk.

    Good people who volunteer their time are like rare gems amongst glasses within the Malaysian sports fraternity. but are they giving up their sport, no sire...they are still holding on even much pressure r mounting on them to give it up.

    I challenge you, my good sir to walk into any sport associations be it a state / national / clubs to volunteer your time & assist them to make a difference without holding an office...then I will salute you for what you stand for. Until then just, please don't be an arm-chair critic lambasting the Malaysian sport for the way they are being run when you dont assist. It's sad, really...sad indeed.

  6. Dear Anon 12.43am, thank you for your statement and I have to concede that Uncle Joe's Blog stated very clearly that the Bangladeshi was given a position of VP AFTER he has agreed to sponsor the Mr. Malaysia competition in Penang.

    Anon, just think carefully of that statement, do you not agree that there was a trade off by the Penang Body Builders association. Now seriously Anon 12.43 a.m. if you have organised any sporting event in this country at state level, you know that financing the event is always a major issue. Bodybuilding is no exception.

    Here we have this Bangladeshi a foreigner who is will to cough out money to sponsor a Mr. Malaysia event, you think he is just going to write a blank cheque to the Penang State Body Building Association without knowing how the HIS money is going to be used? What better way to have control than to be in the Association itself?

    You chaps are jumping high and low trying to exclude him all because he is a foreigner and call on the SC to exclude him. Why ? may I ask. If the reason is he is a foreigner then I think that reasoning is warped.

    This issue would not have arisen if the State Association could on its own steam have the money and the management ability to run the event correct? I concede that there are also quite a few State Association that are able to run their sporting bodies efficiently and kudos to them. Here we have a different situation, really what message are you trying to pass, you want the Bangladeshi's money and sponsorship but you tell him you cannot be in the State Association. My conscience say that that is not right.

    I say if this foreigner is willing to put his money where his mouth is, it shows that he also have the confidence to run the event successfully, and perhaps if you care to look at it from this angle, he may have a thing or two to teach the State Association.

    It is alright that you call me an arm chair critic, for I have expressed my views in many sports and you may have noticed that I am quite merciless when it comes to OCM and the Grand Old Emperor. I occupy a responsible position in a relatively new Sport registered with the SC. Our athlete has been sidelined, insulted and not sent to the Games in place of a Team called the Olympic Team. Our chaps suffered and we see the injustice and the several breaches of the Sports Development Act by this Grand Old Emperor that everyone in Sports know about but no one have the guts to point out.

    Blogs like Fair Play gives us this opportunity to highlight the injustices. Anon 12.43am. I respect your view to criticise just us you cannot stop me from defending my stand.

    Finally, yes if a foreigner can run OCM and replace the whole Board I am all for it. I think it has lost its directions for a very long time already.

  7. Again Mr. Olympism u must have misread Joe's article. "I have yet to receive confirmation but speculation has it that a Bangladeshi was given the post after he (the foreigner) gave a commitment to sponsor the (a) state's bodybuilders to the Mr. Malaysia championship in Penang, in July"...and it's not sponsoring the Mr. Malaysia competition. I would think Datuk Ong (President of Penang Bodybuilding Association) would have covered all the bases before agreeing to organise it there.

    I'm sorry if I ever thought you were an arm-chair critic as u r in more pain than me in regards to ocm & the grand old man.

    But again, if tat particular state didn't change their constitution to accomodate the foreigner (as u also run a similar sports entity) would it be tantamount for them breaching their own rules to justify their means.

    I always like to play fair...whether the other party is playing the same manner or not. As its part of the Olympic Spirit...if others gives u the bullet...I will still hand them the olive branch. Kudos for being a thorn in his side to the Grand Old Emperor as u call him.

    Fairplay, Peace & Friendship.

    PS: I've been always on the side of the downtrodden in regards to injustices done by the grand old man but here I cant share the same except for the way u felt of him on what he has done to u & your sport.

  8. Peace be to you my friend, Anon 1.39am and Shalom!