Friday, October 30, 2009

SUKMA: Taekwondo dropped, 9 new inclusion

The 2010 SUKMA in Melaka will feature 34 sports after nine more sports were approved by the SUKMA Supreme Council that met here Thursday.

The meeting which was chaired by Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek today included formula future, canoe, golf, rugby 7s, volleyball (beach and indoor), kabaddi, judo, fencing, synchronized swimming and water polo to the list of 18 compulsory sports and seven of the host's choice.

The 18 compulsory sports are weightlifting, badminton, cycling, football, lawn bowls, gymnastics, hockey, karate, archery, shooting, athletics, sailing, aquatics (swimming, diving), sepak takraw, pencak silat, squash, bowling and wushu.

The seven sports identified by the host were netball, basketball, equestrian, boxing, silambam, table tennis and petanque.

"I was happy with the presentation made by Melaka and I hope Melaka will be able to host a successful event," he told reporters after the meeting at the National Sports Council (NSC) in Kuala Lumpur.

Ahmad Shabery added that Melaka had also agreed to change the dates for the SUKMA from the initial date of May 28 to June 6, to June 10-19 so that it falls during the school holidays and the Gawai Festival.

He added that it was also decided that taekwondo be dropped from SUKMA in Melaka due to internal problems plaguing the Malaysian Taekwondo Association (MTA).

"I am disappointed that MTA are not able to resolve the problems, so it is better for the sport to be dropped because it will not be fair for the host state to wait for a decision that may only arrive in the last minute.

"I sincerely hope MTA can settle the issues for the good of the sport," he said.

He added that during the meeting, the issue of the next host for the SUKMA in 2012 was also discussed.

"Perlis are entitled to be the host according to the rotation system but there were concerns that Perlis lacked the necessary infrastructure but at the same time we cannot deny the opportunity for a small state to host such an event.

"For example, Laos though being a small poor country with many shortcomings, it was awarded the host job in the spirit of the SEA Games," he said.


Melaka's choice:
Netball, basketball, equestrian, boxing, silambam, table tennis and petanque.

Compulsory sports:
Weightlifting, badminton, cycling, football, lawn bowls, gymnastics, hockey, karate, archery, shooting, athletics, sailing, aquatics (swimming, diving), sepak takraw, pencak silat, squash, bowling and wushu.

New additions:
Formula future, canoe, golf, rugby 7s, volleyball (beach and indoor), kabaddi, judo, fencing, synchronized swimming and water polo.


  1. Dear Dato Sharberry Cheek,
    Why are you disappointed with Taekwando generally? There is no cause for you to express your disappointment because OCM formed an ad hoc committee to manage the affairs of Taekwando. OCM are responsible to mediate the matter with the MTA, MTF and MTCA.
    They had a meeting and a vote was taken by the States and they have decided to keep the MTF and MTCA out. OCM who are promoting MTCA and MTF did not get their way and Tunku Imran has said that they are selfish. Why are they selfish?
    OCM is the mediator and they mananged Taekwando by forming an ad hoc body.
    Mr. Minister, if you were to look at your Sports Development Act and OCM constitution, you will know that this mess that you see today all started by OCM. They want to admit everyone so that it appears to be fair. If you want to admit all players in the Sport, then Malaysia must take a stand and ban all International Federation governing the sport. You also must amend the Sports Development Act and remove Section 34. Tell OCM to amend their constitution because they do not care about their own constitution and you must allow all the sports body to be part of OCM. Do that!
    Mr. Minister you are a politician and I feel you have not much time to listen to the people involved in the Sports. You rely only on OCM and the likes of Dato Sieh Kok Chi to advice you. How can you listen to OCM only? They are just another Sports body like MTA under Section 9 of the Sports Developmnent Act.
    Mr. Minister, OCM appears to espouses fairness, open competition and this spirit of Olympism. This looks good on paper. But the true reality is in all organisation there are politics involved. Where there are rules and regulations there are politics involved, seldom does regulated sports have no political elements.
    In the Taekwando case, the IF that is WTF recognises MTA as the NSA. In the event MTF choose to open another body and the MTCA choose to do their own things, that does not means MTA must pander to their liking.
    This is where OCM did wrong, by championing a cause without thinking of the consequences. They then wanted to act as mediator to the problems and took over the affairs by forming an ad hoc committee. Everything is done inthe name of OCM , sending team in the name of OCM. Do you know what happened to the Taekwando Championship in New Delhi? The Team under OCM was rejected because they were not recognised by MTA or the WTF. That slap in on Malaysia and this is caused by none other than OCM.
    Mr. Minister we have laws and avenues to redress matters of complaints but certainly with the outburst of Tunku Imran blaming this state of affairs on MTA, clear show that they are an incompetent body to act as Mediators in any sports problem. Anyone can see from Tunku Imran outburst that he is prejudiced and he cannot accept dissent. How can you trust OCM to mediate your matters in such cases?
    Mr. Minister look at OCM today what are their roles? Apart from attending meeting and conferences and looking at some sports they do not understand at all, they are nothing but a glorified secretariat sending athletes to the Games. The Sports in Malaysia are in a doldrum today to a large entend I say is because of the policies of OCM and its Board.The Sec Gen of OCM has pronounced openly that he does not draw a salary from OCM, but what he failed to disclose are the perks he enjoys travelling around the world at public expense. Just check the Sports Commissioners audit report done recently.
    Mr. Minister on behalf of parents who send their children to Taekwando classes, and also on behalf of potential athletes who dream of representing the country , I squarely blame OCM for the mess Taekwando is in today. Perhaps MTA are contributory to this mess, but remeber OCM took over the affairs of MTA and this ad hoc committee are suppose to mediate and solve the problems of Taekwando, they have not only failed but your announcement to exclude Taekwando from SUKMA has dashed many a young boy and girls dream in this sport.

  2. Reading the comments above, I cannot understand the issues. Why can't OCM still send the taekawndo boys under OCM ? I think OCM has done this before and I think Dato Sieh has said that International Federation is not important , because OCM can still send athletes to the Sport anywhere in the world. Dato Sieh, please send the athletes who train hard for SEA Games in Laos under OCM.
    The writer of the comments is definitely not right and not fair to OCM. I think Tunku Imran have the right to inclube all involve in Taekwando to be part of OCM because OCM send athletes to Games.
    Minister of Sports must put Taekwando back to SUKMA and let everyone join in the sport. OCM can also run Taekwando in SUKMA. With that everyone can take part and fair.Dato Sieh is a very old and experience man and who in Malaysia knows sport better than him.

  3. Everybody Goes Kung Fu fightingOctober 31, 2009 at 12:28 PM

    Yeah man! Lets drop politics and have an open policy. Everyone can join in the Sports lets be fair to everyone. Seriously OCM now must open its door to every sports body. Let campaign for the banning of all International Sports Federation but first OCM must promise to open its door to everyone so everyone can join and have chance to represent Malaysia. I think Sport Minister job now easy,with open policy. MTCA/MTF/MTA/MIC/MCA all can join OCM.
    What rules to apply for Games, we have open policy means all Rules approve by OCM. MTA cannot be accused of being selfish. OCM now become BIG BROTHER want to go for Games go to BIG BROTHER.
    First if WTF do not allow our athletes to take part inInternational Games. You must go to international Court for Sports and declare that WTF policy is aginst Human Rights. Low Ben Choo and Roy Raja can be lawyers for OCM, sure can win court case.
    This is truly 1OCM, 1Malaysia and Malaysia Boleh!Long live Tunku Imran! Long Live Dato Sieh, Long Live OCM!
    I agree to Anon above.
    Oh! why MIC and MCA? Now with politics in MIC and MCA competing among members, it can be accepted Politics as sports. Have element of competition in it. Just like Chess mah!

  4. I can kung-fu fight youNovember 1, 2009 at 1:30 AM

    As espounded by Anon and Everybody Goes Kung Fu fighting, lets kick out all International Federations from being the governing body of the National Sports Associations. the NSAs can take care of their matters without their pesky international or regional federations who are just blood suckers who demand an annual fee to be paid to them without assisting the local sports body.

    Let us all be 'katak dibawah tempurung' and not have any international help as OCM is capable in handling all NSAs problems and be a favor solution solver or mediator as for MTA!

    With OCM at the helm of the matters, all local sports fraternity can see a glorious medal tally in their own playing field without sending any teams / individuals to international / regional meets or games. Save the money for NSAs pitiful state of youth developments.

  5. I think the issues are well dealt with. What I want to know is why is OCM so quiet about it. Dato Sieh Kok Chi is a champion of the down trodden, the old horse that promotes Olympism and fair play. So OCM you have to "insaf" and repent.
    Malaysia knows that you are a fool and a big one at that in your ad hoc and all your mediation Hooha. Incidentally can you tell the public how many sports disputes you have carried out and are successful in resolving the issues?
    Tunku you are the chairman of the ad hoc committee of Taekawndo? What sort of a chairman are you when things does not get your way , you blame it on the participants.
    The tragedy of all this is , we have a Sports Commission and the Sports Development Act. We have laws that govern such matters and avenue to resolve it. If the Sports Commission with the powers vested in it, refuses to act and keep quite about it, then the Act is as good as a piece of paper better kept in the toilet.
    I may be unkind and has hammered OCM in what I wrote. Sure there are other who are contributory in this state of affairs, but look at it in any way , this problem all originated from OCM.
    The other tragedy is the Minister himself only look at the surface and refuse to acknowledge the short comings of OCM especially the Sec Gen Dato Sieh Kok Chi.
    Who suffers the parents, children , athletes and trainers who has dedicated their time money to promote this sport.
    With one decision from OCM, all is lost. I hope MTA this time bring this matter to court. The President of MTA is hot shot black belt who loves to fight. Now is the time to show your stuff.

  6. Now that OCM has finally decided to send the Taekwando Team to Laos, do you not think that it is appropriate that Taekwando be readmitted in SUKMA? What made OCM do an about turn when not too long ago Tunku Imram was ranting incoherently that Taekwando is out because he could not get his way?
    From my reading of things the Minister must have had an iron grip on OCM especially the Sec Gen until he had no choice but to continue sending the Team to Laos.
    OCM is still under the Sports Development Act and they better tow the line. Looking back, Tunku next time please consider the athletes, they are innocent and your outburst is totally rediculos, makes you look silly.
    Now that OCM are also sending some under Group A meaning they will pay for all the expenses, you boys all learn how to say thank you. Now is not the time to gloat at OCM, they have made a mistake and now they have realised the mistakes. Just be nice to the Sec Gen Dato Sieh and if you see him in Laos, make sure you thank him for all the effort. He needs the feel good factor.
    We also have to thank the Sports Commissioner for doing their job in restraing the SEC Gen and OCM getting them to change their decision.
    To all the bloggers and all who commented, you have exposed the rot and problems in OCM. Congratulations!