Sunday, October 25, 2009

No solution to MTA issue

The Malaysian Taekwondo Asociation's (MTA) problems seem to be getting bigger all the time. On Saturday, at a emergency general assembly, the state affiliates rejected a proposal to adopt an amended constitution for the association.

According to news reports, delegates voted 8-1 against adopting the constitution which would have allowed clubs to become vote-bearing affiliates, alongside the states.

The nine states which cast a vote each were Kedah, Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Terengganu and Sarawak while Negri Sembilan, Armed Forces and Malaysian Universities Sports Council did not meet voting requirements.

Olympic Council of Malaysia president Tunku Imran Tuanku Ja'afar called the rejection a "selfish act" which could spell the end of the still-suspended MTA.

"The proposal was meant to bring all the various stakeholders in the sport together but some states did not want to bring clubs into the system.

"They want to maintain in control of the sport themselves and unfortunately the states did not want to budge. They still want to cling to power which is a very selfish act.

"They did not think of the sport and the athletes which puts taekwondo in a precarious position," said Tunku Imran after chairing the meeting, in his capacity of the MTA ad hoc committee chairman.

The ad hoc committee was tasked by the previous Sports Minister Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob with formulating a new constitution to get the national body back on its feet and comprised representatives of MTA, rival bodies the Malaysian Taekwondo Federation and the Malaysian Taekwondo Clubs Association, National Sports Council and the Sports and Education ministries.

Tunku Imran said there are several options on the table to resolve the issue including direct intervention by Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

"We will make recommendations to the government on the way forward and one of which is for the minister to decree the constitution on MTA.

"Another is to utilise MTF as the governing body but we'll have to take steps for them to be recognised by the international body (World Taekwondo Federation)," said Tunku Imran.

The rejection also means national taekwondo exponents are barred from competing internationally while putting taekwondo's reinstatement into the Malaysia Games in doubt.

When asked if the national exponents will be allowed to compete in the Laos Sea Games in December, Tunku Imran said: "They can't. The ad hoc committee has been running taekwondo on behalf of MTA but with the rejection of the proposal, MTA remains suspended."


  1. And whose fault is all this? Let me tell you the fault lies with OCM. For many years now Taekwando has been happily running their association without any interference. Look at their results, they have brought glory and medals in previous Games. They have penetrated in schools and many school now have Taekwando clubs.
    So the body and instructors makes money charging for the grading. Some small chikus complain and OCM runs to their rescue without studying the whole situation. Immediately OCM without thinking started an Ad Hoc committee to admit all and sundry, and the chikus now become brave with OCM backing. In the name of fair play and Olympism (this is now a dirty word), the President of OCM Tengtku Imran decided to be the mediator. No doubt at all with the backing of Mr. Fair Play himself Dato Sieh Kok Chi.
    When the delegates voted 8-1 by the States not to allow states to become vote bearing affiliates. The Tengku now call and brand them a 'Selfish Act". Hello Tunku Imran, the States have voted in the best possible democratic manner. Just because it does not go your way , they are selfish? What perverted logic is this.
    You chaps in OCM must review your roles, you chaps are nothing but an NGO running a glorified Secretariat. So you have some sportsmen in your midst but that does not mean you know anything about that sports and the politics of it.
    Take my advice read Unitity in Diversity by Thomas Bach in his recent key note address. Of course you know the German fencer who is now the VP of the OIC. Not only read but try at least to understand what he has advice the role of NOC and the sports body.
    You chaps in OCM interferred in, matters you have no business doing. You want to be "kay poh" and now it goes not to the way you want it , you blame it on the delegates, For once use your brains la. Bodoh Sombong!

  2. Let me get this. The International Federation is the World Taekwando Federation (WTF). The National Sports Association recognised by OCM and IF are the MTA. Now OCM got certain groups who are not recgnised by WTF , like the MTF , The Malaysian Taekwando Clubs and also others to jump in the band wagon under this ad hoc committee mananged by OCM.
    Okay now that OCM who mananged this ad hoc committee and their President did not get the admission of MTF and MTC. They want the IF to drop the WTF to recognised MTF?
    In the event OCM can do that , that is fine. But I recall in football the Brunei Government tried to do that by replacing their NSA recognised by FIFA with another body. FIFA refused to budged and suspended and refused to admit this new body. A slap on the Brunei Government.
    What if OCM recommend MTF to WTF and they tell OCM to mind their own business, what then will happen? OCM now already looks like a fool , will be confirmed as a 'Bloody Fool" in the International arena if their suggestion is rejected.
    OCM you chaps are the Ad Hoc committee and running Taekwando. You make promises sending a team to Laos SEA Games, now seething with anger no one is allowed to go to Laos.
    Tunku Imran is this the Olympism Spirit , Fair play and all that is good in Olympics that you espouses?
    I am sorry to say this,the problem you are facing are all on your own doing. It is unfair to accuse the MTA of being selfish.In the event you cannot solve this problem, Tunku Imran you should rightly tender your resignation as President and just stick to Cricket where you are familiar with. In the meantime you can take Dato Sieh Kok Chi along with you when you leave. OCM will be a much better place for all athletes.
    It is so unfair to blame it on MTA and your conduct to say the least is childish.

  3. Who are you kidding OlympianOctober 26, 2009 at 12:29 PM

    Mr. Olympism, OCM are not so Bodoh Sombong but rather slow learners...perhaps many of them have IQs above average and are not so Selfish S@#$%d...anyhow.

    Maybe they have overstep their role in trying to place the people they supported in MTA so when OCM's agm comes about the next...ocm will have they backing.

    But alas, who are to loose out the athletes and in the end the country in it's self. Potential gold medalist can't participate in the regional games and who are to be blame the power mongering fools who are the best of themselves.

    If you do not know yourselves, kindly please look at the mirror. Why you so selfish and deny the athletes...stop all this politicking!!!

    Are you politicians or sportsmen or sports trustees??? If you are Politicians, go form a party or join one!

    OCM if you are the mediators...mediate and do your job to bring these dispute to an end...pls don't continue to make it worse for the athletes and country.

    OCM, Whose best interest are you for??!!

  4. It is not the Malaysian way to be rude to anyone. But in this particular case, we see that it is the athletes that suffers all because of OCM. I hope the Sports Commissioner can see clearly that OCM has acted unilaterally against its own constitution and also the Sports Development Act.
    Minister Sharberry Cheek, by all means intervene in the matter. But before you do so, bring along the Sports Development Act and a copy of the OCM constitution with you. I am sure you can see OCM act untra vires their own constitution. All this in the name of Fair Play. What a load of crap!