Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What is OCM's role, asks MAAU

The Malaysian Amateur Athletic Union (Pend: 0136/98) wants some clear definitions from the International Olympic Committee on the role of Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM).
In a hard-hitting letter, signed by General Manager Sri Murigak Madhavan BK, the MAAU made known its displeasure over OCM's pestering of the National Associations to make payments for team managers who accompany teams to events under the IOC/OCM banner.
"If the entire burden is thrown to the NSA, then what is the role of OCM? You wants us to pay for transport, accommodation, attire and insurance," said the letter addressed to OCM Honorary Secretary, Dato' Sieh Kok Chin with copies to 10 different persons and/or organizations, including the IOC, Minister of Youth And Sports and Asian Athletic Association (AAA).
A copy of the letter, dated 1 June, was made available to this blog by one official.
The MAAU reaction is said to be caused by OCM's letter, asking for RM1,560.00 as expenses for for the team manager to travel with the team to the Singapore Asian Youth Games (28 June - 5 July 2009). The National Sports Council (NSC) had earlier decided that they would not be paying for managers.
"We can't tolerate this all the time. We want the Ministry of (Youth and) Sports to look into this matter. We are officially withdrawing the team manager," added the letter.
This is one of the rare times that MAAU blasts OCM but whether anything comes out of this is left to be seen.
OCM has always had plenty to say during selection to multi sport events but mostly stayed clear of footing any bills. Would things change in the future? Well, we just have to wait and see.
Anyway MAAU Deputy President, Karim Ibrahim and Sieh Kok Chi are close friends.

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  1. Yes indeed this is a surprise coming from MAAU who hitherto have been very cordial with OCM