Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hotel MABA ?

MABA House in Jalan Hang Jebat

Tough times require tough decisions. In an effort to be self reliant and have a strong financial standing, the Malaysian Basketball Association (MABA) is said to be seriously considering some proposals to convert its 12-floor hostel cum office building into a budget Hotel.
Word has it that the national body might only be using the Mezanine Floor as it office space while another floor would probably be turned into a dormitory for national players.
However, the MABA/DBKL Stadium and the multi-level car park, which is next door, is expected to remain for the time being. There are two levels of dormitories on top of the car park.
The MABA House, located at Jalan Hang Jebat in Kuala Lumpur, was completed in May 1971 and it has hostel facilities for officials and players, a canteen, library and conference hall for basketball fraternities, as well as a venue for clinics and training seminars.
Its launching in 1970 was mainly due to the efforts of the late Tan Sri Khaw Kai Boh, a former President of MABA, Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC) and Vice President of the world body, FIBA.
The building also houses the ABC Secretariat. The late Mr. Lum Mun Chak was Secretary General of ABC from 1983-1991 and Mr. Yeoh Choo Hock (now Dato') was his Technical Assistant.
The proposal to convert MABA House into a hotel is not new. The idea was first mooted by Dato' Loke Yuen Yow, who was the President in the 1990s. But it didn't work out.
But now, the tops brass of MABA is said to be keen to move ahead with this project, which is still in the discussion stage. If things work out, the hotel might be completed by the end of next year.
MABA wants to have a strong financial standing so that its programs can be carried out effectively. And, MABA also sees the importance of the affiliates receiving proper funding. This national body knows that it exists because of the affiliates, unlike some sports bodies who only think about themselves.
MABA officials, when contacted, avoided any comments about this project.

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    I heard BP house near by will also be a hotel soon.