Friday, June 26, 2009

Hitting the road - 2

The termination of service letter was a surprise to me. I never received a letter of appointment and every month I sign an invoice which states that I was getting an Honorarium. The only letter I got (before the take notice and take further notice one) was sometime last year, informing of a RM200 increment and that my working hours are 8.30am to 12.30pm ! If any of you have been wondering why I am not in office when sports journalists start work, its because I was following instructions.
In this second part, I want to write about my experiences, which would be an educational piece, suitable to help those who are feeling their way around in sport, and possibly sports journalism. A very old man suggested that this writings are "vengeance". Not so, old chap, because vengeance belongs to God.
Many have asked me to write about the decision and that it was not a board meeting, but an office bearers meeting and also that no such decision was made. However, all those would be a waste of precious time.
I believe the OCM President, Tunku Imran Tuanku Jaffar had noting to do with it because he is a gentleman, a good and generous person. He likes to help people and had given me assistance in my time of need. In fact, the reason I came to OCM to help in Media matters was that around 2005, many had concluded that Tunku was a failure as OCM's boss. His promises of being a hands-on leader finally fizzled out simply because he couldn't put his hands on anything.
I tried my best but most of my proposals were brushed aside, and I became used to hearing the term "all these are waste of time". Even if there was a decision which has to be implemented, I often hear the magic words "hang them" ("them" meaning those who made the decision, whoever they may be).
In the many years that I was in OCM, I learned many things about the way things are run in different sport organizations. And, here I would like to share some of the things which I have learned, so that it may help others to understand sports in Malaysia. So, just read and be happy.
There is no policy or guide that helps sports bodies. I discovered that the only "policy" that sometimes seem to be exist is what I call the "SAMAN" Policy. It stands for sabotage and manipulate, or its medical term S1M1. This problem is not found in all association, only a few.
There has to be a medical term because this unwritten and unofficial policy has got to do with the emotions, thinkings and desires of the human.
(Please take notice that the terms are mine. And take further notice that you can use it. And further than that notice, you can use it as many times as you want!)
Once, a group of dedicated people proposed the publication of a quarterly bulletin to inform the public, media and sponsors about the happenings of a particular organization. But it was shot down and the excuse given was that a journal would be better. I too thought that was good, but later I was informed that was the S.O.P (standard operation procedure) to stop the bulletin. Apparently, this had happen at least four time before. Therefore, I learned that to shoot down a proposal, bring another proposal and finally make sure neither would see the daylight. Interesting.
But, why would you want to sabotage a good proposal like that. Well, the answer is because "if I don't have ideas, nobody should have ideas". No wonder, my proposals never saw daylight.
I also found out that you can portray an image of a person calling a spade a spade but when asked to explain, you can play the joker. Mind you, this need exceptional skill and practice.
In sport, possibly under the unwritten "SAMAN" policy, you must learn to deflect blame to other parties and subsequently tarnish that person or persons reputation.
For example, if a meeting was informed that a certain matter would be brought up at another forum, and you know your delegation is not going to do anything about it, find someone who is attending, even though he or she may be representing another body, and attending for another purpose.
Just tell everyone that, the person who is actually not your delegation is not doing the job.
By the time an explanation is given, the damage would have been done. I never knew that this could be done.
I personally heard of an another official who often loudly criticizes a certain head of a group of former athletes for not doing anything for his members. But the reality is that everything he planned to do was sabotaged but the members don't know and he gets the blame and is made to look bad. This guy sure deserves the "olympianism" award.
Staff members at different associations tell me of the problems they face, having to work in an environment where spies are planted.
I also know of some people who likes to give advises to associations and most of them time these advises lands them in trouble with the authorities.
There a many more to write about to educate the public and also the people who are contemplating a career in sports. But, for now, I think this should do and I hope you are enriched by the contents.
I would like to suggest that as part of the training, a new sportswriter should be attached with the National Sports Council (NSC) for a week, a sports body for tow weeks and OCM for a month. NSC is very transparent.
Also, since the S1M1 has become an epidemic, I would like to suggest that all those who want to hold office should go for a psychological evaluation and only declared fit should be allowed to contest. This way we can keep the bad attitude people out.
We have to protect our national sporting image because some of these people go all over the place and teach others about transparency, management and other stuffs but their own organizations lacks all that.
Because of the outbreak of S1M1, we see coaches, players and managers being blamed each time there is a failure. Let me tell you these, the biggest problem in sport today are not coaches, athletes and technical officials, but those who sit (or hide?) in offices.
I am happy to have known and worked for some great sports leaders in the Olympic circle, leaders like Tunku Imran, Prof Datuk Zakaria Ahmad, Ms Low Beng Choo, Prof Datuk Ar. W.Y.Chin, Dato' Seri Kee Yong Wee, Mr Rosmanizam Abdullah, Mr. Ramlay Ibrahim and others. Sports need people like you and I would certainly help you, should you need my assistance.


  1. 'Life is like a bed of roses' 1. The bud - meaning that you are able to be controlled by the Sec. Gen. 2. The flower - you are learning about the going ons in the OCM and finding out the misleading factors that is happening. 3. The withering of the flower - when the Sec.Gen. and certain board members realises that the good ones who knows what is going on inside, cannot shut their mouth and do not do as told, they have become a dangerous element as the secrets wll be leaked out. Finally no. 4. The dead flower - The retrenching or the removal of the people concerned is the best option as they will find some other persons who will do whatever is told to them. Thats what progress is all about. Tranparency is always spoken but not practised. Neopotism, just a word in the dictonary, always mentioned out from the mouth but the meaning is not understood by most people. Racism is also a word commonly used, but what the heck, we now have 1 Malaysia in the Board. I wonder if the President really knows what's going on in OCM himself rather than being there himself to know what is happening. From what is gathered he only knows what is being told to him by who runs OCM. The SG gets away with anything as it's the SG who is informing the President what's going on. Being a diplomatic type of person he listen and feels that SG is right. Now, SG has a better backup from peoiple like Jega, Roy Rajasingham, Moira Tan and staff like Mr. Fong Wan Hor who kisses the ground the SG walks as they get their wishes come true like travelling out of the country, and to some, the international positions. It does look that everyone is supposedly to be given a chance to travel.
    To ensure that our sports fratarnity improve, put into OCM people who able to understand the various sports and have the interest in sports as persay and not try to wangle their way to go for Games for the sake of attending. I am sure those who ate the chilles will know about this.
    I have been a stauch follower of sports from my haydays and I hope the next 2011 AGM there will be a change for the better. Give us a break. How ever perfect a person can be there is always an element that is bound to be erred. Open your eyes people.

  2. I agree totally and in addition to those sports leaders named, Mr. MP Haridas and Mr. Chua Ah Tok are 2 other persons that give sports in Malaysia a good name.

  3. Some incumbents were going around asking the NSAs to keep the politicians from getting into OCM before the last AGM...but it looks like the very incumbents themselves are playing politics.

    If they like so much to be politicians it's better for them to join a political party instead of being in a sports entity.
    What's the difference of money politics and value-in kind politics...well its nothing actually both have can be seen and the other is invisible.

    If the allegation is true that the incumbents did really offered international or multi-level games or even OCM board/committees' position to any of the delegates...then it's tantemount to a bribe to induce he/she to vote for the said person. It was a sad day that the sport fraternity is more of a political party then sports.

    Where's the Fair Play? Where's the Friendship? Both of these are part of 'Olympism' spirit.
    At these rate...even the peace is shattered with all the NSAs who took part in the election. It's a sad day indeed...a very sad day for the sports fraternity.

    Joe keep your head up and go forth in your good works...leave these (OCM)scums at the own mercy.

  4. I hear that this fellow Fong Wan Hor is a real tyrant and at the same time spend most of his after hours in OCM. While his boss SKC saves OCM money from sponsorships, this fellow goes around spending it all on late nights at OCM at his computer doing his work and perhaps his personal work at his station.

    He should be given "The Most Hardworking Worker" award for his selfless actions...burning the midnight oil at OCM. How about it SKC get the board to give him the award at the next OCM dinner...OCM shouldnt waste a talent like him... (Bodek kaki n espionage agent).