Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Badminton overdose

Badminton officials have a secret worry. They fear at one point in the future, a "badminton overdose" might effect the sport and cause the fans to lose interest. Their biggest fear is when the fans stay way from competition venues.
Some officials confided that too much news may sometime bring negative results. They worry that fans would soon be tired of reports of "Yap Kim Hock's sleepless nights" and "Rashid Sidek's headaches".
Also, officials are also worried that in every tournament the focus is on Lin Dan (China) and Lee Chong Wei. Take this two away and maybe you might not get the same type of coverage.
And so, badminton officials are trying to attract the media to write more about the junior circuits and also the development programs. They are trying to get the juniors to get some of the lime light and this, hopefully, won't cause the fans to be bored with the seniors.
Its a difficult task but one must congratulate the badminton officials for being aware of lurking dangers and taking positive and preventive steps.

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