Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hitting the road - 1

As many are aware, I will be hitting the road soon. A badly written letter stated that my last day would be 15th July 2009. The following are the contents of the letter, dated 15th June 2009.

"The OCM Executive Board Meeting on 9th June 2009 decided that your services are no longer required by the OCM.
"Take notice therefore, that your last date of employment would be 15th July 2009.
"Take further notice that in view of your termination of employment, the OCM is prepared to make an immediate payment of one (1) month allowance of RM2,200.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Two Thousand and Two Hundred only) to you provided you choose to leave by 18th June 2008 at the latest whence that would be regarded your last date of employment. You would be paid a proportionate allowance for the eighteen (18) days for June 2009.
"You are required to hand over to the Secretary General (? ) of OCM, all properties of OCM presently in your procession (sic) including the office keys on your last day of employment."

(Signed by Dato' Roy Rajasingham)

Well, this letter made by day, and my week, and I am still smiling. And I would like to thank those behind this letter. The "post man" who handed me this letter said, "sorry it had to end this way". Well, its not the end, just the beginning of a new chapter for me, in sports.
Yes, as the tittle suggest, this is just the first positing on this matter. I will be writing another one soon, and possibly a third one, which might interest many people.


  1. ha, ha, ha...the letter should be framed and kept in the ocm museum, mayb even to ioc museum.

  2. bro, 9 jun itu mesyuarat penjawat jawatan bukan exco meeting dan tak ada pun keputusan macam itu. siapa punya angkara ini

  3. What a load of crock....even the spelling and grammar is wrong.

    Reflects the general mindset of the letter author

  4. please take them to labour office. They have malicious intent of your employment in OCM. The person who signed it should have some knowledge of labour law...laywer or not.

    If it's true that "The OCM Executive Board Meeting on 9th June 2009 decided that your services are no longer required by the OCM" and its a "mesyuarat penjawat jawatan bukan exco meeting". Then it's upon a lie that Dato' Roy have asked you to vacate your position.

    If labour office can't take your case, take OCM to the civil courts... No employer should high handed an employee, how bad he/she is.

  5. OMG! This is outrageous! Especially the part where you have to submit all OCM possessions to the Sec. Gen. Creates suspicion! He must be pissed with all the comments that he's getting on this blog. PADAN MUKA DIA!!

    You go Joe! Don't's a new beginning for you!

  6. All the best Joe. Don't worry, be happy.

  7. Reading the letter just goes to show that the person who signed it is as bad as the Sec Gen. but dumb as the wall. Does he not realise that if anything happens ???? that Kok Chi will turn around and say that the undersigned wrote it? Well, what to do. Another scapegoat for DSKC. DSKC seems to be getting away with alot of things. What else is DSKC going to do until the next AGM in two years time? 1. Put his beloved Protoge to run the office and by then his salary will be about six thousand ringgit. 2. Destroy all the relationships with the other staffs considering that SKC's kunchu's are his own kind. Should get him to know more about 1 Malaysia. 3. Do as SKC likes and do not need to listen to the board' s decision. Can continue on but reasonings are going to run to about 20 pages.
    Continue on the good work, Joe. Good luck. Do not forget that the world is round and whatever bad intentions people have against others will reach the full cycle and then God will repay them with the same that is they dont die first.

  8. Joe...take your letter of termination and give it to Cuepacs. The legal dept there is just waiting for a case like yours.