Monday, July 27, 2009

What's happening OCM?

Sometime late last year, Bhoopinder Singh, a parent who has three tennis playing children, asked Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) to intervene and assist them in the many issues they were facing in the sport.

I believe Bhoopinder came to OCM because he would have read statements with regards to the desire of OCM to take part in solving disputes in sports. Also, OCM has always had committee tasked to do just that, but, according to some people, not doing it yet.

In a letter dated 6 January 2009, Honorary Secreyary, Dato' Sieh Kok Chi wrote a letter to the head of the committee Dato' R. Rathnasingam, informing him of the request by Bhoopinder and asked, "is it possible, to arrange a meeting with Bhoopinder?"

Almost seven months has passed and the silence probably means the "is it possible" is not possible, hopefully for now.

The last things we want to hear in sports are about committees that function seasonaly. We obviously do like letters that are written for the sake of writting and and we just can' t stand drama-style response to genuine problems.

After waiting this long, Bhoopinder and parents like him, should take his problems to authorities who will go out of their way to assist him.


  1. Phps OCM is busy with fighting their own interest to care for others.

    What say you, OCM? Pls don't drag your legs on these...please show some professionalism in solving the woes of athletes and not just your own problems.

    Without these athletes...there won't be clubs, without clubs there won't be state associations, without state associations there won't be national associations, without national associations there won't be OCM!

  2. It is not surprising thtat there is no reply from OCM. Practically almost all the time OCM will not reply until the last minute. It is better to reply at the last minute than not to reply at all. DSKC wrote to Roy but did not give the guideline as to what to do for Roy will not want to make a booboo and put DSKC in anykind of trouble as sooner or later Roy will face the music and SKC will will be free to do others harm.
    Want to know if any reply for the two letters that were sent to Tunku in reference to the June 7th OCM Highlight. Why arn't they doing anything about it. Was informed that it was not even discussed at the last board meeting. Are these two persons that sent the letters that bad or is it that SKC hates them until he can degrade them below the belt. SKC must be very commanding that noone seems to be scared of him. Pray hard, SKC, because after reading a couple of the blogs he will be in the same boat but will receive worse than what he has done to others.

  3. Dear Bhoopinder Singh, take my advice. Your problem is not OCM per se. The Board is perpetually in slumber. If you have written a letter that goes by snail mail ,you know the printed form on paper, you are DHOOM!.

    The man who attend to problems is the SEC Gen of OCM, the Emperor , the giver of life he decides if you live or die. Go to OCM one day and look at his rooms, to say it is a store room I am complimenting him, but to say it is a pig sty, I am insulting him. Lets say it is in between and your letter, it is floating some where , maybe as a rough paper .

    Take my advice, send him an email, he is an email manic and you will get a quick reply. He is no spring chicken, so after his reply, go and see him to remind him.

    Certain protocol that you need to adhere first to Petition your problems. Go slightly before Lunch time and ask him out for lunch. In your conversation to him, please be reminded that you are before the emperor , so speak with the courtesy like you are addressing an Emperor of OCM.

    I can guarantee you , you will have your problems attended to. Now as you praise him , he will be more humble and he may even ask you to take over his position. When he does that, tell him that no one can replace him in OCM. That will make DSKC mighty happy.

    Good luck and I am sure you will get what you want. That in Malay we call it the "Bodek" move

  4. you haveto note about Tunku Imran, he is a nice chap in OCM. Unfortunately he have not the power to command DSKC. He depends on DSKC and if you were to write to him, you cannot expect him to attend to your problems. Copy the letters to the whole Board to tell them what is happening. That is about all yyou can do.

    Tunku needs DSKC without him OCM will be as topsy turvey as his room. One other way is bring your problem to SC, they already know of DSKC nonsense, unfortunately although OCM is under SC ( Look at the Sports Act la) they dare not do anything to DFSKC to stir up a scandal.

    So do not go the hard way, bodek him and get what you want.