Sunday, July 5, 2009

Make transparency compulsory in sports

Not many people understand the meaning of transparency. At least that is the case in some sections of Malaysian sports. Transparency brings about openness, communication and accountability.
Without it, there would be corruption, misuse of authority , lies and all the evils which brings disrepute to sport. Is there transparency in Malaysian sports? For those who know the meaning, the answer would be no, but for the non transparent ones, transparency is what you make it to be. Or maybe even a new skin care product!
In my many years in sports I have seen some officials who try their best to be transparent, while others don't seem interested in it, possibly because it might expose their deeds.
Many may be surprised or disgusted to know that the Malaysian contingent were forced to remove a commercial logo from their official attire at the last Olympic Games in Beijing.
The organizers pointed out that logo had breached the marketing rules. One wonders, if the high-flying, big allowance collecting officials were not aware of that ruling. Or, were they trying to do some ambush marketing for their friends?
This shameful episode could have been avoided if agreements with sponsors and other parties are transparent. Incidents like this could have been prevented if people are aware of the nature and contents of such agreements.
Some of these people repeatedly(and loudly) accuse a health drink company in Malaysia of ambush marketing, but it was real shocker when the same officials were silent in Beijing. I wonder why?
Mind you, this happened to our national contingent who are already at an international event. This is a shame and an inquiry must be held - even though it happened 10 months ago - so that those responsible be held accountable.
Due to lack of transparency, other incidents often occur. The media often reports names of contingent members to sporting events, but often there are many others who "happen to be there and happen to have special passes". Why can't this "special" lists also be made public?
An official once told of an incident that happened when he wanted to get into his official car to go to a venue. He had a shocker waiting for him when a woman, who also had a VIP pass (not athlete, official or anything to do with sport) wanted the same car to go shopping. I am sure she was not going shopping for spikes, boots or sport pistols.
There are many other incidents like these and all of them were as a result of hidden agenda and could have been prevented if there was transparency.
In sports we often hear of sponsorship deals where the contents are known by one or two persons only and these people later give misleading statements which results in the public having a false perception about some sponsors.
The sponsors are portrayed as controlling elements or even companies who gave more overseas than locally. If the contents are made transparent, one would realize that these sponsors had given more than what was implied, in fact one would discover that the sponsorship included deals for affiliates as well. One wonders if the affiliates are aware of it.
The time has come for specific and clear transparency laws to be introduced to prevent blatant abuse by some officials.
The issues are serious enough and many are hoping that Prime Minister YAM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his Deputy YAB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin would step in and make transparency a requirement in sports.
All agreements by sports bodies should be made public and probably the Sports Commissioner's (SC) office should be tasked to implement it.
The SC should not just worry about to punishing association for not signing the annual report. There are many things to worry about in sport.
In the meantime, if the SC's office has the time and interest, should look into the incident where the national contingent had to take of a logo. For me, this kind of action brings disrepute to sports and must be stopped.
There is no point talking about high performance in sports when we have difficulty dealing with low stooping officials.


  1. Pak Joe,
    Memang wajar si di wjibin transparency dalam sports karna sports milik massa. kami di indonesia juga ada masalah ini, tapi semakin bagus sekarang. keep it up Pak Joe

  2. What are we talking about here, TRANSPERENCY. Most people thinks this word means that when a material is picked up and placed in the light one can see thru it. But in wonderment What would be the meaning of transparency in the OCM particularly the Sec. Gen.?
    It is a word that means what the person wants the others to know is what is given out and what is to be hidden is to be found either in his computer and his untidy room. nothing gets out unless he wants it to be known or else his favourite person will keep it under wraps. What to do as he portrays himself to be a person of integrity and honest.
    By the way , we understand that a new van has been delivered. Also understand that OCM has now gotten one of the most expansive driver avilable as people have noticed that Mr. Fong Wan Hor is now in complete charge of the new Toyota Hiace and was recently seen driving Roy Rajasingham to Bukit Jalil. Wow!!!!
    As for the sponsership it is without a doubt that OCM seems to be controlling certain sponsers
    as DSKC gets angry if the sponsers monopolise a particular event. Hell with it as the sponsers should be able to do what they want fortheir own mileage. Leave them alone for they have the right to do so.
    Talking about who gets the accredition cards to the big games. A lot of incidents have happened and one feels that the embarrasing situations have been caused by a particular person as he feels that he is the owner of the OCM and that what is decided by him cannot be commented by anyone. DSKC owns OCM and he lives and breath OCM. There was a comment made recently that the only thing that has not be put into the office is a bed and pillow. But that info has been gotten that his protege has started to make his prescence in the OCM by staying overnight when he does not feel like going home. Thank God that he has been given the freedom to do so.
    People of the sports frternity, please open your eyes and listen for the only way to goforward is to think for yourselves what is best for your sports and not listen an d be scared of one or two persons.

  3. Transparency my foot...whether in OCM or any sports associations. The amount of back-stabbing to get to a position and then enriching themselves within the sports fraternity.

    Free trips, allowances and hotel stays are some of the perks these so called officials will asked for...eventhough the associations are hard hit trying to make ends meet with smaller budgets and sponsors.

    They will argue it's the sole right as they have served their associations for many years...if they can get what they asked of...why should they want to serve and will also ask the same of newcomers to do the same. Serve with an agenda...hold less honorary positions (volunteer) and make money from the association/s, try to get something back...preferably $.

    But alas, these same officials would also lament the lack of youngblood wanting to take over as they would discourage others to come in saying there's no position / put up barriers just to keep themselves in and enjoy the perks at the expense of the sports associations in growth and development (sports and athletes).

    That my friends is the sad state of Malaysian's always Me, Mine and now my cronies.

  4. What transparency is there available in OCM? As the person above said its all crap. Seem to note that only specific personnels in OCM gets to go international seminars and what has been told is that ever since the woman Asst. Sec. Gen came in since 2007, she had been going all over. Why gas this happened. Why not give a chance for sport association reps to go as they do deserve a chance.
    Answer :- cannot as whats her name Ms. Moira, I think has to pushed forward or else she will not be at the beck and call of the current Sec. Gen.
    Understand that three to four persnsare in the good books of the SG.
    Please correct me if I am wrong.Vice president - Roy Rajasingham who the SG feels tha the is the best lawyer in the country and that information received, Tunku, the President cannot do without him
    -Asst. SG who has been out of the country on a monthly basis to attend any or every seminar and conferences from the year 2007 and also the big games
    - Executive Officer - who feels that he is now the GM of OCM and getting the blessing from SG to do the what SG wants and abide by the commandments (Do not know whether its 10 or 100.
    Am sure after my reading thru the blogs I have come to a conclusion that OCM belongs to the sec gen and his group and that no other people can interfere their decision including the president. This cannot be called transparecy but terrorism in the gentle manner.