Monday, July 13, 2009

Can somebody do something about this?

Dear YAM Tunku,

The OCM's victorious office bearers seem to have taken a new approach to olympic ideals and ethics, judging from the contents of the OCM Highlights posted on 7th June 09. I am totally disappointed. Olympism says "accept victory with humility" not "humiliate the losers - and if needs be use generalisations and half-truths to achieve your objective".
OCM talks about people bad-mouthing, lying , slandering,and making disparaging remarks against incumbent office-bearers. But people in sport know that it was certain high profile OCM officials who were doing this. There are even written materials, e-mails and media releases to this YAM effect, especially from the Hon Sec. In fact the Hon. Sec. has even said he will destroy anyone who stood in his way. Obviously, OCM's concept of values, ethics and fairplay are different from the IOC's.
During the lead-up to the AGM, I had ample opportunities to "lie, slander and bad-mouth" and also expose a few hidden truths that would have been worse than the lies and slander. I did not do this despite the pressure from several quarters including the media. This was just because I thought it would have reflected very badly on your leadership, YAM Tunku, your Deputy's and that of a few other innocent people on the Board.
The media was ready to run some juicy stories.
The OCM Highlights boast about the "good track-records, honesty, integrity and dedicaion" of the incumbent office-bearers. While this may be true of a few of them, the rest have to rely on half-truths, generalisations and exaggerations to boost their achievements.
"All the candidates who challenged the incumbents...failed to contribute any or minimum benefits to sports development or the organisations they served."
I don't go round boasting about the things that I do ... in fact I never talk about it. But if needs be I can draw up a list for the Board. Anyway what has the Hon. Sec. to show after more than 2 decades in OCM and its corridors of power? (For those whom the truth matters, it will be interesting to find out why he was bundled out of ASUM when he was its Sec Gen and what he did when he was pushed out.)
You don't have to be a geat psychologist to determine the psyche of the Hon Sec OCM. Anyone can tell you that his is the mind of a DESTROYER not a BUILDER. He cannot build, he can only destroy. Because he cannot build, he has to destroy what others build so that he can remain OCM's SUPREME LEADER controlling everything and ensuring everyone depends on him.
He has now become so obsessed and hungry for power that he now uses half-truths and lies to
achieve his objective. If that doesn't work, he will shout, scream, fight, quarrel, abuse, etc until everyone either agrees with him or runs for cover including some members of the Board!
The OCM's new rules and definitions on ethics, values and fair-play are certainly okay as we are now clear how the game is to be played. It will now mean that the bad-mouthing, slandering and mud-slinging will also be directed at the OCM. There may be no holds barred and a lot of people can be dragged to the mud.
Its ok with me. I am not very high above the mud and my fall will hardly make a splash. I don't even consider myself news-worthy. It will certainly not be the same for the OCM leaders sitting on the high pedestals of national and international bodies ... IOC, CGF, OCA, NSAs, etc.
This is not a threat by any chance.
But I am disappointed, sad and angry about what the OCM has become.
Instead of becoming more and more indifferent, let's hope that the OCM leadership takes control and acts responsibly. Let's hope that we use the IOC concept of ethics which is built round JUSTICE, HONESTY, RESPONSIBILITY AND BENEFICIENCE, and not what is being practiced by the DSKC school of management.

Thank you for your patience.

Note: This letter appeared in some blogs earlier. I was not sure whether to post it or not because it would do no good. That's the state of affairs, for now.


  1. To Mr. MP Haridas,

    Being a gentlemen n a respectable teacher you took the right decision not to indulge in the mud slinging game of SKC n his cronies.

    It's sad to note that the winners who won the recent OCM election be the sore winners instead...and this disgusted act is lead by the so called honest, integrity and transparent Sec Gen! What a sham.

    From what I read of your letter...this bunch of idiots in OCM are just crazy for power and would prefer to sit in their post until they are carried out in a coffin.

    If it's true that SKC is a destroyer instead of a I do understand why he's bend to throw out Mr. Chua as NOA director. Why can he just manage his own side of the field instead of meddling into something that's bring good reviews against his disasterous actions.

    Mr. MP Haridas, I would to congratulate you for being able to withstand his dirty onslaught... as the saying goes, what goes around comes around. Let him has his days and gloat in his victory. He will soon be crying with his his days are numbered. as he is still a mortal that will die like any of us.

    Mr. MP Haridas, I'll pray for your good health and will also ask you to forget about this old "wise" man as he's not worth the mud he throws at you.

    At least you can still held your head high.

  2. Dear Mr. Haridass you have been in OCM long enough to know that the Sec Gen of OCM is more the Terminator with the avowed mission to destroy anyone that gets into his way. It is an international fact especially in the Asian Region that DSKC has brought shame to the country.

    You are also aware that DSKC runs OCM like his little Fifedom, and why was he allowed to do so? I think you appeal to the President will fall flat for the simple reason, no one in the OCM board have the guts or gumption to chastise him. I do not believe they do not know about the antics and the problems that he has caused or is causing, the problem is the President is unable to catch the cat to bell it. I have grave doubts if the President even dare to approach this Tom Cat.

    You have seen how DSCK has villified those vanquished in the election. You have seen how he ran down Chua Ah Tok and what did the Board do? The OCM spirit? It is dead and gone in OCM and I blam each and every member of the Board to allow this man to wreck havoc in Malaysian sports.

    Mr. President, if you and your Board members have no guts to sack him please ask him to take a long hike or go on holiday.

  3. I believe in one thing and that is karma...that what goes around will most definitely come around. DSKC will get his just deserves, there is a limit to the patience the sporting community will be willing to allow themselves to bear.

    I only hope when the time comes, the rest of the OCM board will know that their actions and decisions of the past months will have dire consequences on their "political" career in sport.

    As V has mentioned in the movie V is for Vendetta, people should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people. This analogous quote can best used to predict what will befall the OCM. The people (the sporting community) knows, we all know this and it is a matter of time before they use more than just rhetoric.

  4. Understand that another letter was sent to Tunku from another candidate that lost, Puan Latifah Yacob. These two had hopes that there was a discussion at the Board neeting yesterday. But found out that no mention of this matter were broughtup. So what now? An apology is due to these two persons who is pretty well known by the sports fraternity. Would like to know what these two persons have done wrong except to fight in the election and may be stand up to their principles.
    Being an avid athlete and follower of the sports world one can actually see with disgust what is going on in OCM. Personally I feel that the connection between the people in the Board and the Sports Associations can be improved. But the Sec.Gen of OCM is too old to run it as there should be a rational person running OCM. It is also noted the name of his favourite staff seems to be popping up quite often. To this staff I would like to remind him to stop making himself a clone of the SEC.GEN. Live you own life and do not follow others like a sniffing dog.
    Hope an apology is in place within one week or else suggestion is that find a lawyer and get a defemation of character against the OCM and the Board.
    Good luck and all the best to Mr. M.P. Haridas and Puan Latifah.

  5. I am a first timer to all the sports blog. But after reading and checking around one finds, with a lot of intrest that the stories can be true. Looking at the write ups, the Sec. Gen. should give up his position as he is past the age of senility. Why are the people in the sports sector hanging on to him? Are they that scared to voice out their opinions and problems.
    What has OCM given to the associations besides making arrangements to enter our athletes into the multigames. Who actually pays for their passages and accomodations? I have been given the information that it is the Goverment via National Sports Council of Malaysia. What is OCM doing with all that money that has been sponsered and are they helping the athletes or from what I understand whatever monies that are given out are only meant for the Sec. Gen. likes.
    One person's name that has been mentioned is Yuan Yu Fang who is now representing a company from China to supply the overall attire for the Malaysian athletes for the Asian Games in China. If this is true I wonder who is getting a kickback from this deal.
    No matter what, I feel that there should be an apology to the people who has been belittle. I wish that something be done to ensure that our sports people will further look into the advancement of sports in a rational way

  6. I felt sorry for the those who lost the elections...and come to think of it a smear campaign of the challengers (who lost) from the winning party is abit too much to cud you do it and still sleep soundly at night?

    Where is your ethics? Has it gone to the dump?

    A word of encouragement to Mr MP Haridas,pls do not fret over this bunch of losers (winning side) for they are the real LOSERS here...loosing and forgetting what is the olympic spirit all about...friendship, peace and fair play and they say they represent Olympic Council of Malaysia. What a laugh...hahaha.