Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No more outings for the ladies

The FA of Malaysia (FAM) have frozen their women’s football team from taking part in further international competitions following the latest round of defeats sustained by the squad.

The ban also applies to the national women’s Futsal team.

The Malaysian national Under-16 squad were drummed out of the AFF Championship in Myanmar in October after conceding 33 goals and scoring just twice.

And at the SEA Games in Vientiane this week, the squad had already conceded a total of 22 goals after just two matches - a 14-0 drubbing at the hands of Thailand and then an 8-0 thrashing by Vietnam.

They still have two more matches to play for which is against hosts Laos on 11 December and then Myanmar two days later.

“Following the two losses (against Thailand and Vietnam) which were embarrassing, the FAM have decided not to allow the women’s team in taking part in any international competitions,“ said FAM deputy president Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar.

“The priority now is for development where we will need to strengthen the squad including the Futsal team. However, they can still play friendlies.”

1 comment:

  1. Uncle Joe, Give the ladies a break la. Okay now they are banned from future international competitions. I can tell you the girls, coaches and Team Manager must also be very embarassed. You do not know how bad they feel and let me tell you. The Malaysian Contingent Team are housed in the Malaysian camp. There is this common area where all the sportsmen hang out, surf the net and have all the beverages they can have.
    The common area also have this huge white board that report the latest news on medal tally.
    In Korat, I recall the manager of the ladies team ( football or volley ball ) got such a hammering from Thailand , you know the scorces you see in Rugby, that the poor manager and the Team were no where to be seen at the common area, or breakfast.
    They came later and I chance upon them and the manager and asked her why were they late. Her sad remarks was " Malu La".
    Now look here, you chaps has been hammering the girls till kingdom come. This is unfair because FAM are the people who selected them. I believe OCM also are to be partially blame for this National embarassment because they are suppose to vet the Team by checking their match performance. But the main blam must be from FAM.
    Look sports is participation , we can lose and not win medal but let it not reach till the National Embarrassment state of rugby scores.
    Give them a break, let FAM do some soul searching. It is not an issue of category B . It is an issue of the spirit of sportsmanship, fairplay and olympism. There are only 3 medals for contention out of 11 countries in the SEA Games. Just because you do not win a medal does not mean you are a failure.
    Girls cry if you want to, that is your right, at least you are not like those samseng boys.