Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Malaysia 4 Cambodia 0

Malaysia seem determined to put their bad episode with the South Korean referee behind them when they beat Cambodia 4-0 in a Group B encounter of the SEA Games football tournament at Chao Anuvong Stadium in Vientiane, Tuesday.

Following several clear misses at the start, the Malaysians finally carved out their first goal of the game in the 34th minute when Manaf Mamat capitalised on a hesitant Cambodian backline to slot the ball home.

But Cambodia got the chance to draw level in the 52nd minute only to see Kouch Sokumpheak’s attempt going straight to Malaysian keeper Farizal Marlias after his first attempt was disallowed for an infringement.

And in their eagerness to go forward, Cambodia fell further behind in the 75th minute when Norshahrul Idlan Talaha latched on to a cross from S. Kunalan to give the Malaysians a 2-0 lead.

Six minutes later, Kunalan made it 3-0 off a rebound before Safiq Rahim converted a penalty five minutes to the end to give the Malaysians the win.

Meanwhile, Thailand made it a walk in the park with a 9-0 thumping of Timor Leste in an earlier match at the same venue.

The win has set up a crucial clash in the group between Thailand and Malaysia with the victor winning a ticket to the semi-finals of this year’s competition.

Needing just the three points from the match, Thailand rested their stars like Teerasil Dangda and captain Kiatprawut Saiwaew as they tried out several of their reserves at the start of the tie.

But even that was a handful for Timor Leste as striker Sompong Soleb nailed a hat-trick with goals in the 3rd, 32nd and 76th minute to lead the defending champions over their hapless opponents.

In between, Anawin Jujeen were on target for Thailand with goals in the 37th and 86th minute as Apipoo Sunthornpanavej (46th and 60th), Kriangkrai Pimrat (44th) and Piyachart Harahan (49th) scored the other goals for the Thais.


  1. Uncle Joe,
    Okay so they are trying hard to redeem themselves and from the Game point of view hammering Cambodia 4-0 is starters for the come back kids. Somehow or other I am too thrilled by all this because of their bad behaviour with the Korean referee.
    If they truly repent for that fiasco, they may still win back the hearts of the Malaysian football fans.
    Beating or losing to Thailand I think is foregone conclusion, we do not expect them to beat Thialand. Malaysian will still be with them in spirit, but if they foul up again and cause another National embarassment, the Chef De Mission Dr. Ramlan Aziz, please excersise your power to declare them persona non grata in the Malaysian Camp and send them home immediately.
    On another matter partially related to football is the non direct telecast. The reason we are told is that the TV rights of direct broadcast is RM 1 million. As a matter of principles Malaysia refuses to pay because it has always been free.
    Let me put it another way, we talk of solidarity in hosting the SEA Games within the SEA countries. Now even for Laos to host this Games is a feat by Laotian standard. Richer countries like Brunei, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia may talk about principles. To a poor country like Laos, can't we just help our poorer brother. Have a heart I say, the per capita income for Malaysia in 2008 is USD 6,452 compared to Laos per capita income for the same period in only USD 765. Now you want to talk Principles to a poorer neighbour, that is to me a load of nonsense. That is a case of money talk.
    Really what is RM 1 million to have direct telecast rights to Malaysia? When our Government spend Millions on the Monsoon cup and that equestrian event in Putra Stadium. Really how many of you Malaysian out there even remeber the name of the winner of the Monsoon cup and the equestrian event?

  2. Everybody Goes Kunfu FightingDecember 9, 2009 at 8:19 PM

    Eh! Mr. Olympism on the 1 millon ringgit fee is too much la. If Malaysia start paying for direct telecast , then everyone also want free. How? Okay Laos is poor , I take your point but Tunku Imran say principles Malaysia must not pay, not money matter but Priciples. I think he mean face la.

    I think if Tunku say principles that means fair play and olympic spirit , if that case SEA countries we r all brudders and stand together all talk only la. When come to money we no brudder ah?
    Why Laos money face bec they no money la.

    SEA game no money no talk, so next time don't bull shit by saying SEA county are brudders all tokkok like sing song.