Friday, December 18, 2009

Travel problems..........again

The victorious national football team's return from Laos this Friday afternoon was delayed due to a technical problem in the Hercules C-130 Royal Malaysian Armed Forces (RMAF) aircraft.

RMAF Public Relations Officer Major Kamarulzaman Ali said a replacement aircraft to bring back the players, had already left the Subang RMAF base at 8pm, Friday.

"RMAF has sent an aircraft to replace the one that faced a technical problem and the players are expected to arrive at 6.30am Saturday," he told Bernama when contacted here.

The National squad that won the gold medal after beating Vietnam 1-0 Thursday, was supposed to arrive at the RMAF base in Subang this afternoon.

The team encountered travel problems on the day they were supposed to leave for Laos. Apparently their chartered flight did not get the clearance to land in Laos. But that matter was resolved and they took off a day later.

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  1. Uncle Joe Sorry la, you have to forgive RMAF. Firstly they are not a commercial airlines. Secondly, I think they are trying to find the jet engine that is missing.
    For our football team, they have proven that from zeros they have now becomes heroes. Keep it up, Malaysia always like a sporting team and I am glad there are no out burst after the earlier fiasco.