Monday, December 26, 2011

Move aside, amateurs

Over the years (or decades), I always had some New Year wishes for sports in our beloved country. For 2012, I just have one (maybe two)  - that the amateurs would move aside and let the professionals run the show. It's a joke to see events that are of professional status, participated by professionals but bogged down by ridiculous organizational blunders.

Obviously, they don't see the blunder and don't realise that they are making a mokery of sports. For 2012, I hope and pray things would be done professionaly, be it in management of associations, running of multisports events or one event.

Being professional means having a professional attitude, doing what is best for sports. Hanging on to traditional practices that is often accompanied by excessive and unnesessary spending, should be put to a stop once and for all. Move aside amateurs, let the pro's run the show.

Sports should not be treated as a place for people with "retired mentality" to earn a living. By this I am not refering to thier age, but their attitude. I hope the people who go around saying, "so what? and "we have always been doing like this...: and "we know and you don't know" will leave sports and let those who say, "let's improve, let chase a vision, lets set a higher standard" to take charge of sports.

Also, I wish that those who have no time to devote to sports, will move aside and let those with passion and time to take over.

Hope my prayers will be answered. Happy New Year 2012.

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