Monday, November 1, 2010

Time to work hard, MHF

Everytime the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) elections are held, there would be plenty of speculation ats to how it will effect the future of the sport. The situation has always been the same since I first started writting about hockey in early 1980s.

Sure enough, a few days before the elections, some hockey personalities gave me a list of names and said that if they win, hockey would be doomed.

Well, some of the name actually won but I am not sure if that means hockey is doomed.

I feel that hockey has reached a point where some serious thought has to be given to its directions because the signs are not too good and at this point any investment without proper planning would be a total wastage.

With the office bearers already in place, the appointment of the Secretary would also give an indication as to how serious is MHF in wanting to move forward and ahead. The wrong choice would mean, moving backwards.

In the elections held Saturday, Nur Azmi Ahmad (picture) from Melaka retained his deputy president’s post by three votes. He received 14 votes, while his challengers Tunku Majid Sultan Iskandar got 11, Datuk Dr S.S. Chema 10 and Abdul Hadi.

In the vice-presidents’ race, three incumbents retained their seats with Datuk Seri Che Khalib Noh receiving 29 votes, Datuk Rahim Mohamed Ariff 26, and M. Gobinathan 25. The newcomer is former national coach, Majid Manjit Abdullah who received 18 votes.

The total number of votes should have been 42, but Perlis HA (two votes) did not attend as it has been deregistered, while the secretary and treasurer were also not allowed to vote as their posts are now appointed and not elected.

That left 38 votes, but Sabah vice-president Ramlee Marahaban did not turn up, while MHF president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah abstained, leaving the ballot with only 36 votes.

“I hope everyone accepts the outcome of today’s (yesterday’s) voting and we close ranks because there is much work to be done over the next four years,” said Tengku Abdullah.

“And I would like to warn the affiliates and those who have just been voted in that if there is disharmony in MHF after this, I can always use my exit option and leave.”

Tengku Abdullah then touched on the 1Mas Hoki Programme and said that the prime minister has given MHF RM2 million and he wants to see accountability.

“Every ringgit must be spent on developing players and buying equipment, nothing must be wasted,” he said.

“The prime minister will launch the 1Mas Hoki Programme, which took off in the middle of the year, on Dec 13 and he had said that he wants to see the project become a success and not die off prematurely,” added Tengku Abdullah who was returned unopposed..

“And since the PM and also the TM (Tengku Mahkota) are involved to make it a success, I want full commitment from the states so that in future we can have a bigger pool of talent to select from.”

And the immediate goal, said Tengku Abdullah, is to break into the world’s top 10 and this can be achieved if Malaysia qualify for the next World Cup.

Well Tengku, Its good to set goals, but you need the right people to make it happen.

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