Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Run up to 2011?

The past two weeks has been quite busy. My phone line was busy and people made me very busy by giving me plenty of informations with regards to the happenings in the sports scene. Most of it needs further confirmation but there were a few interesting ones which I will try to write through this post, and some more later.

Word has it that with slightly less than a year to go for the OCM elections, some moves are being made - surprisingly not by those who want to get in - but by those who want to hold on to their positions. The first move was to reject the Archery Association's proposal, at the last AGM, to ammend the OCM Constitution to limit the age of office bearers to 70 years, a proposal in line with the IOC Charter.

With that out of the way, the next step was to find a suitable person to lead the campaign to make sure "most" of the incumbents continue to be in office for as long as they want. A few officials, familiar with the happenings, said that Cycling's Deputy President, Datuk Naim Datuk Mohamed is the person.

Whether he has been approached or not is not known but I hope Datuk Naim can tell us. I have known Datuk Naim for a long time, and I know he is a person who will say yes, for yes, and no, for no. Hope to contact him soon.

Then there are some who have complained about an instruction not to speak to their former General Manager. They themselves are not happy about it and too many unhappy people is not a good sign. Well, what can we do to help them? Their President cannot help. No point going to Sports Commisioner's office.

National Sports Council is also so busy appointing non sportsmen as advisors so they also won't lift a finger to intervene. Therefore, just hang on, things will change in due time.

I have also been informed that there will a fight for the post of President of Malaysian Gympastics Federation. Incumbent, Datuk Zakaria Ahmad is expected to be challenged at the AGM, scheduled for December 2010.


  1. Yeah ! Yeah! Yeah1 election year in OCM. Just before election year all members and affiliate members can get their 'Ang Paus" compliments from the incumbent members of OCM. Want to have a bigger Ang Paus, all you need is to shoot down any suggestion on putting an age bar of 70. DSKC will personally give your Association strong backing.
    With their strong financial backing the 2011 Ang Pau will be much much bigger.
    Wanna bet? The election will be by show of hands and no secret ballot.
    Syabas to all members of OCM happy days are here again soon!

  2. Uncle Joe, This is with regards to the report in The Star where OCM disallowed the Pacific West Dragon Boat Club (PWDBC) to participate in the Asian Games. I believe this is an inaugural event held for the first time in the Guangzhou Asian Games.
    Let's analyse the reasons given by the OCM albeit Dato Sieh Kok Chi. The reason is that there is no National body therefore it is difficult for OCM to sanction their application.
    In Malaysia it is clear that all Sports body are encourage and must be registered with the Sports Commissioners office since the introduction of the Sports Development Act. The issue here is can OCM send this Team to the Asian Games if they want to, and for this we need to look at the Olympic Council of Asia's constitution.
    I invite you to look at Articles 55 rule 8 that reads as follows:- In the event of there being no National Governing Body for a particular sport in a country, the Member may act as the Governing body and enter individuals in that sport in the AG with the approval of the Council;
    As an example do you recall when Taekwando was suspended by the SC in Malaysia when all its activities ceased. How did OCM send a Team to the Games then under the Olympic Council of Malaysia Team?
    OCM can under Article 55 rule 8 send this Team to the Asian Games if they want to. PWDBC have to realise that under Article 55 rule 1, OCM as the NOC have the absolute discretion to send them to the Games.
    The question that I ask is whether the discretion exercise by OCM or Dato Sieh Kok Chi on the appeal by PWDBC has been acted upon fairly. The reasons given by Dato Sieh obviously does not hold water. The more worrying question is , is this the way OCM encourages sports in Malaysia.
    What I find worrying is the remarks of Dato Sieh when he says " Personally I have nothing against Dragon Boat team wanting to compete in the Asian Games..". That statement by Dato Sieh speaks volumes in that his personal views are very important. I also would like to ask Dato Sieh what lawsuits is he talking about? Did he not extol that OCM is an NGO and as long as the Olympic Charter is followed, no one not even SC or the Sports Minister can touch him or OCM.
    Understand one thing, the Team is going under the patronage of the Penang State Government and they are not interested in your money or your category A or B nonsense that you have with MAAU.
    Perhaps now you may understand why in the Olympic Charter , they retire people after attaining the age of 70 but not OCM.
    Sporting Malaysia you decide if OCM has acted fairly not only in this case but many, many other cases!

  3. Dragon Boat sorry la, you cannot go not because you no good, many other Games also cannot go because Dato Sieh say cannot go. No need reason. Welcome to Sports in Malaysia ala Dato Sieh Kok Chi style!

  4. A dragon boat team backed by Penang state government rejected by OCM to participate in the Asian Games? It does not make sense at all. Seems that OCM is not interested in sports at all and is having its priority all wrong.

    Saying no to sports team hoping to participate in competitions with ridiculous reasons is an easy job. Any man in the street can take the job.

    And yet we see past shelf life officials more interested in staying in office. For what? More likely to be self-serving. Can somebody please tell these people that it is time to go? For the sake of sports in Malaysia, PLEASE!

  5. So far I noticed Minister of Youth & Sports and Sports Commissioner dare not take on Dato Sieh the Sec Gen of OCM on all sporting matters.
    The Minister does have the powers but if he has no courage to exercise his powers, that is why OCM so brave.
    I hope Lim Guan Eng the Chief Minister of Penang can give a call to Tunku Imran to allow the Dragon Boat Team to go.
    Tunku all your interview about OCM and sports means nothing if you do not practise basic fair play. You in OCM must help athletes to go for the Games not put barrier.
    It is a fact in the Sporting Circle that you cannot control your Sec Gen. that is your tragedy.
    Sports has always been a rallying force for unity, our PM should take note that OCM is scuttling his 1Malaysia plan.

  6. way to go for sports in Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh! Angpau mari...mari.
    Ocm pays NSA shut up. u talk alot u no receive angpau. sounds like corruption but not corruption...its an incentive...i (ocm) scratch your back...u (nsa) better scratch my back...u knoe wats its right...if not, like dragon boat...u no go to games. (wink,wink)