Saturday, September 4, 2010

More complaints from parents

Many parents feel that the Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia (LTAM) is not doing enough for the development of the sport. They have provided some facts to back their claim. I feel that LTAM should look at these complaints in a postive way - a sure sign that there is a great interest in the sport.

Many parents are claiming that the Milo National Junior Age Group held in (4-9) August 2010 was a flop. This is supposed to be the premier and most important junior age-group tennis tournament in the country. It carries the highest points awarded for a national tournament. But, the entries recorded were lower compared to previous years.

Here are some facts:
Girls U18 - no competition, no entries
Boys U18 - only four entries but no points awarded
Boys U10 - 21 entries (7 pairs for doubles)
Girls U10 -  7 entries and no doubles
Boys U12 - 18 entries (6 pairs)
Girls U12 - 7 entries (no doubles)
Boys U14 - 29 entries (10 pairs)
Girls U14 - 13 entries (6 pairs)
Boys U16 - 27 entries (9 pairs)
Girls U16 - 16 entries (no doubles)

The conclusion some parents have made is that tennis is losing out at junior level. Also, the parents are also wondering why the National Ranking Points have not been updated for two and a half months. Two tournaments have been held since then - the MBPJ Junior Open and Milo National Juniors.

Do something, LTAM.


  1. 1(i).It had bssn claimed,falsely,that there were very few entries for the SPORTSXCEL MASTERS because no points were awarded.This had never been the case in previous years,when no points were awarded.
    (ii).The MILO NATIONAL JUNIOR AGE-GROUP carries the highest points awarded.But,the entries were the lowest ever,compared to previous years,and also compared to the 3 National Age-Group tournaments held earlier.
    2(i).It was also claimed that very few entries
    was because players were preparing for/having exams.Is this the only year/only time of the year that players are having exams?Who are they kidding?
    (ii).The MILO NATIONAL AGE-GROUP was held one(1)month after the MASTERS.Were the players still involved in exams?
    Can someone from L.T.A.M.come up with some other intelligence-insulting excuses?

  2. Here is an example of a parent who thinks his sons are Roger Federer wanna be. No constructive criticism but ashik complain sahaja.

  3. To Anonymous(Sept.6,8.31pm),
    1(i).Unlike you,I don't hide behind pseudonyms.
    A coward,without integrity,who obviously has nothing constructive to say,hides behind pseudonyms always.
    (ii).If you are envious & spiteful of my childrens achievements & my outspokeness,May God Bless You.
    (iii).My sons don't have to be Roger Federer wanna be.They have proven themselves in tennis,inspite of being coached by their non-tennis playing father.There's more to life than tennis.
    (iv).Please put a name to your faceless body/nameless face.
    2.I would like to add to my comments of Sept.4
    (i).Sitting in are the Sec.Ibrahim,Taisto,& Brigitte,with at least 2 clerks assisting them.What have they been doing the past 3 months?Why haven't they up-dated the National Ranking points for 3 months now?I had personally reminded them 2 months ago,& again 1 month ago.
    (ii).Inspite of all their ill-concieved agendas against my children & me,I was the only one from the Malaysian tennis fraternity who volunteered & helped our good man,Hon.Sec.Jaffar Abu to up-date the National Ranking points after the 3 National Seniors & also the 3 National Junior Age-Group tournaments.We are are not paid,whereas the others there are paid(to do what?-pursue ill-concieved agendas).I have hard facts,given to L.T.A.M./M.S.N./O.C.M./Sports Comm./Sports Minister,etc.
    There's much more that I have to highlight.

  4. That the problem about this Sadar Ji, what ever he does is in the interest of his children. What he cannot accept is LTAM also have their ways and their pace of doing things.
    If LTAM are slow to my Singh standard they get hammered. From the Associations point of view these are parents demanding to do things their way not the Association's way.
    Go on Mr. Singh, ask yourself why is SC, NSC or for that matter the fighter of the under trodden Dato Sieh Kok Chi of OCM, not standing beside you in such matter?
    Can I suggest something Mr. Singh, look at the OCM constitution on the Alternate Dispute Resolution and bring your complaint grievances or unhappiness and let them deal with it.
    Aiyaa! Sadar Ji, don't say you do not want your sons to be Roger Federer wanna be, if they can be, I congratulate you, but so far no Malaysian players even comes near to the Standard.
    To quote Sieh Kok Chi, make sure your players do not "buat malu" for Malaysia la.

  5. Dear Mr Singh, The OCM Sports news carries an interview with Tunku Imran the President of OCM. As regards your problems with LTAM, perhaps you should write to Tunku Imran and place your problems to him. He also did mention about their Alternative Dispute Resolution. But take note the ADR have no enforcement power he claims but I disagree.
    OCM have lots of power , in that if LTAM refuses to tow the line, they can just drop or make life difficult for LTAM to send athletes.
    Consider this Mr. Singh, as a parent we also feel for you , perhaps you are more more vociferous in your views.

  6. Any parent will do what Boophinder had done.After spending so much time and resources and watching and experiencing the ' Tidak Apa' attitude of LTAM.Most parents just not interested in contributing even a single word because the skin is so thick 'tak malu langsung' and now you a good polisher,polishing the Ltam shiny.

    Come on anom keep up your polishing skill. At least other sports producing 'Jaguh Kampong'.Ltam got nothing,zero.

    Ltam is very very slow by any standard,any parents will demand to see justice done to their children,when things are done to victimise the innocent children a principled father will stand up.

    Mr.Anom,its open secret most of sports associations in Malaysia including yours rotting to the hilt because official like good 'kaki bodek'. Datuk Nicol David and Datuk Lee Chong Wei became champions after their parents went thru so much of pain and frustration.

  7. Mahathair I agree that parents plays an important role. You may say that LTAM may be very slow by any standardm but has it reached the stage that it is so scandalous that it is not a fit and proper body to represent Tennis in Malaysia?
    What I am saying is instead of complinag about the darkness and looking it in a myopic manner, go like a candle. LTAM is part of OCM, in the OCM constitution there is a ADR provision, call them up fill in whatever forms and call for a mediation. Now before you do it I say you parents gang up together and represent as one voice and state your issues clearly.
    The problem about this ADR resolution is that they may not have the powers of enforcement but at least you can face your nemisis in front of the OCM members.
    You know where you chaps fail? You parents are so myopic that you cannot get together to put a strong front, you only can look at your children's problems and how to forward their interest.
    Sure call me an apple polisher, but so far there is nothing of substance coming out from Mr. Singh or yourself to merit further consideration by LTAM albeit myself the Anon Apple polisher.
    You got the guts, go and do something about it and stop moaning about the Darkness in LTAM.

  8. Mr.Singh,we all know what you and your children have achieved in tennis.We know that you are outspoken,made criticisms and complaints that are genuine,backed with facts.I've read some of your complants.How could they be so mean?As a result,your children have been victimised and unfairly treated.
    You have raised the tennis level in this country,because almost everyone want to beat your children.
    Don't bother about people like this "Anonymous"(of Sept.6th & 10th).He's just a gas-bag,a no-gooder.
    People like me,the silent majority,appreciate what you are doing-fighting for justice and exposing the wrongs in LTAM.
    Don't give up.Carry on.

  9. Dear Tennis parents it is people like you that will lead to the decline of tennis, a typical Malaysian parent mentality. Mr. Singh on the other hand have valid points and talented children will go at ends to make sure his children interest are forwarded in the guise of fighting for a greater good.
    Sure Mr Singh carry on he advised, why can't you parents gang up and fight for a common cause if not for tennis at least for your respective children.
    You chaps bray like misguided donkey at the end of the day nothing happens. You silent parents makes me sick! I know my words are hard hitting but if such words do not get you out and do something, you deserve what LTAM has given you.

  10. Mr.Anom, thank you for agreeing with me,but you need to be corrected, instead of 'parents play an important role’, It should be 'parents play the most important role'. If not for people like Mr.Singh, who constantly highlighting the Ltam inefficiency and 'tidak apa' attitude. The Ltam will be scandalously dead association. The head that runs the Ltam belongs to a big time businessman unfortunately the Ltam is a non profit organization, an NGO with the welfare of the members being the priority , a mind of profit motivated individual trying to run an organization with charity at heart, what a weird combination?, a strange bed fellows. No wonder the Malaysian Open was given on a silver plate to IMG for a few thousand dollars.
    There is a group of youngsters training in Spain at the moment, I doubt the group of youngters will be in Spain today if not for the constant bickering from people like Mr.Singh. So can you see the candle? The irony is The Executive Secretary 'tumpang sekaki'. He was just brought into the Ltam a few months back,overweight and cant even walk on a straight line ,already spending time in the Riviera Spain.
    You sound like an association man,LTAM,OCM,ADR.I think Mr.Singh had brought the matter up to Datuk Sieh Kok Chee and he even attended few forum conducted by OCM.
    Till today thing haven't change much may be thats how we Malaysian work?
    But one thing for sure, Mr.Singh will continue teaching his children playing tennis and I for sure with him, I do hope oneday he will be able to shut you up by bringing up his children to play professionally. Meanwhile I dont mind spending some precious moment of mine to complain and highlight shortcomings of the Ltam. Maybe I will consider your proposal extending the complains to OCM and the Sport Commisioner. Lastly Mr.Anom the apple polisher please continue with your response I do enjoy reading your association-mindset’s deliberation.

  11. To Mahathir & Anonymous(Sept.15th,10.11A.M.)esp.-well said,and tq.Also,to Tennis Parent,tq for the moral support.It is refreshing to know that there are good people like you who make well-meaning constructive criticisms & positive suggestions.
    I will fight for justice to the very end.I am a man of letters,not violence(which has been used against me,an old man of 61,on several occasions).I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword.Yes,GOD IS GREAT.We have been blessed in many other ways.