Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Vietnam spirit

In Vietnam, we discovered, there is spirit that is causing this nation to grow at a fast rate. I would like to call it the Forward Spirit.  After a few days in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), I began to notice that the people here are preparing for a great future.

They just move forward in every thing that they do. Even when you cross the road, you just walk forward and the coming vehicles will automatically adjust to avoid you. But if you hesitate and move backwards, you are asking for trouble.

The people in Saigon are veri disciplined and proud with what they do. If they are office workers they can be seen walking togather in some kind of uniform dressings to their offices. The students seem to be happy that they have a good future ahead of them.

But mostly, I was impressed with their commitment towards sports. In one section of Saigon, there is a large play ground wich is transfrormed to dozens of badminton courts in the morning and you can see people of different age groups playing, some as young as 10 year olds.

After the session, the nets, poles and lines (mostly ropes) are taken of and the park becomes a resting place for the people around the area.

This is just one playg ground in one part of Saigon. If this is the tradition all over the contry, soon we will see Vietnam producing many badminton players.

In football, one can feel the commitment of the authorities who continue to organize and host many international meets to give their teams the exposure they need.

This forward spirit will make Vietnam a sports power in time to come.

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