Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Horse tales

The Auditor General report states, among other things, that National Sports Institute, an agency under the Ministry of Youth and Sports,  bought wrong horses for an international competition.

The report states, 18 out of 23 specially bred horses bought by the NSI for equestrian and endurance contests, failed to meet criteria set by the Federation Equestre Internationale.

This may sound strange, wrong and obviously those responsible should be asked to explain. But, this is sports in our nation. Many would come out and say many things, but those saying the things also would have many strange things in their closet.

Therefore, the story (sad story) will continue and continue. Wrong horses, wrong coaches, wrong appointments and so on are common sayings in sport. Maybe my blogger friend Haresh Deol (Foul) should write a book entitled The Wrongs in Malaysian Sport. Unfortunately, that also won't make anything right.


  1. Independent body should investigate the scandal. The people involved must be suspended immediately to facilitate investigation.

  2. With your vast experience I'm sure you'd be able to write a series on "The Wrongs in Malaysian Sports" my friend.

    Have a good break ahead. Cheers!

  3. ermmm i wish. the person incharge have more connection then UniFi and P1 potong adv cant help either.