Monday, July 25, 2011

Statement by Zhang Jilong


This is a sad day for AFC and Asian football.

AFC respects world football governing body FIFA’s decision and we also acknowledge former AFC President Mohamed Bin Hammam’s inalienable right to lodge an appeal against the decision. AFC has nothing more to say on this particular issue.

I would like to assure our fans, Member Associations, teams, players, marketing partners, in short all our stakeholders and well-wishers, that the AFC Executive Committee is united in its resolve to maintain the great momentum Asian football has achieved in the recent past. Asian football is going from strength to strength and AFC will ensure that we continue to steer steadily on this progressive path.

This is a difficult period for us because Asian football is currently facing multiple challenges, the biggest of which is match-fixing. I, in my capacity as the acting AFC President, am aware of the urgent need to provide a strong leadership that will work closely with the Member Associations towards creating a climate of trust and confidence. During my provisional presidency, I promise that AFC will govern the continent’s football affairs in complete transparency, fairness and harmony.

The best of Asian football is yet to come and AFC will work tirelessly towards ensuring that the collective interests of the great sport we love will prevail in our continent. The Future is indeed Asia but this can be realised only if we keep the faith in our football. - Senior AFC Vice President, Zhang Jilong.

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