Thursday, April 21, 2011

A father's complaint

The Secretary,
Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia,
Kuala Lumpur.
(20 April 2011)

ITF Asian 14 and Under Tennis Tournament (Group 2) held in Yangon, Myanmar from 22 Jan-1 Feb 2011.

My daughter, Delizavernne Kaur was one of the 3 girls and 3 boys representing Malaysia. Encik Mohd Noorlan Zakaria was the Malaysian official/coach responsible for the welfare of the 6 players.

Delizavernne Kaur was the only Malaysian involved in any of the finals - she played in the girls doubles final on 1 Feb 2011 (during lunch time), partnering a Pakistani girl.

1. While Delizavernne K was having her late lunch, Mohd Noorlan Zakaria left the playing venue with the other 5 players and returned to the hotel (about 5 miles away). He told her to take the next bus.

The actions of Mohd Noorlan are downright unacceptable and totally irresponsible - being negligent towards a 13 year old girl, under his care, in a strange and unfamiliar place in Myanmar.
Question: - Why didn't Noorland want for Delizavernne K to finish he lunch and accompany her with the other 5 players back to the hotel?
Or, why didn't Noorlan tell the other 5 players to go back to the hotel together first, and he accompany Delizavernne later?

2. In the draw sheet and order-of-play, my daughter's name was printed as Delizavernne Singh (should be Kaur). Noorlan refused to inform the tournament officials, saying it doesn't matter, when it does with regards to points awarded.

3. For the doubles, Noorlan refused to pair the top 2 girls players, Yusshazlin Nabila and my daughter Delizavernne Kaur - they had a chance to be champions.

4. One one day, Noorlan gave the lunch coupons to the other 5 players but not to Delizavernne, and he was missing from the playing venue. Noorlan returned only after Delizavernne K was playing in her doubles match after finishing he singles match.

5. Noorlan didn't attend the draw for the 2nd tournament. As a result Delizavernne K was down to play a 1 st round match as the 7th seed, while the 8th seed was given a bye.

6. Unlike the leaders/coaches of other countries (13 teams) who were actively following their players matches and advising them, Noorlan wasn't concerned with Malaysian players.

I had informed Mr. Taisto about Mohd Noorlan's irresponsible actions. One more thing I would like to mention, Malaysia was the only country/team whose players weren't given any t-shirt, jacket, tracksuit or the country's name printed on their attire.

I will be bringing up other shameful and disgraceful matters involving LTAM if the present situation does not improve.
Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara !

Yours Sincerely,
Bhoopinder Singh.


  1. Mr Singh,
    My sympathy to you. The coach is very irresponsible and he should not only be reprimended but ban from any coaching, administrative and management duties. But knowing LTAM, I am not sure it will be done. I suggest you write to the Minister of Sports and copy to MSN and the President.
    Your three children deserve praise for their dedication towards tennis and I also admire your sacrifices to bring them up in this sport.
    Recently, I read the LTAM website and I was shocked that LTAM is subsidising a 6 year old Malaysian boy living in Hong Kong. The President said that this boy is superb and that sponsoring him is an investment! What I want to point out here, there are so many talented players who deserve to be sponsored or to subsidies their traning, why this 6 year old boy? What happens if the parents decide to send him for long term training at Bolletieri? Will LTAM provide the funds?
    I would like more parents who have talented children to write to LTAM and seek susidy for their children's training. If this 6 year old boy could why not our own.

  2. Just try to be independent OK!