Sunday, December 19, 2010

W.Y.Chin steps down

City-based businessman Raymond Lim is the new Malaysian Snooker and Billiards Federation (MSBF) president, representing a change of leadership after over 20 years.

At the MSBF biennial general meeting (BGM) in Kuala Lumpur on Friday night, incumbent Datuk W. Y. Chin, who has served as president since the early eighties, stepped down on condition that Lim be given the reins of the federation. Lim has been Chin's loyal deputy for the past 15 years.

Affiliates at the BGM unanimously supported the move by the 73-year old Chin, an architect by profession and also vice-president of the Olympic Council of Malaysia, and gave the greenlight to his 59-year-old successor.

"It was a smooth handover of power and we thank Datuk Chin for his past services.

"I guess he (Chin) felt that it was time to hand over the federation to a younger man. He has taken the association this far, and now maybe, there is a need for change.

"Raymond (Lim) knows the ins and outs of snooker and has also served the MSBF for a good many years. We are confident he will lead the association to even better days ahead," said MSBF secretary Melvin Chia.

In fact, there has been speculation that Chin would be challenged at the federation's BGM, with certain affiliates clamouring for change. The lack of success at the international level and the dearth of talents coming through the ranks are the reasons why.

But, out of respect for the 'Grand Old Man of Malaysian Snooker', as Chin is affectionately referred, the campaign to oust him never really got off the ground.

That was until Friday evening, when a few senior leaders within the MSBF sat down together to take a long hard look at the situation and decided it was time to act.

Lately, the MSBF has gone through some tough times in the international arena, and Moh Keen Ho's gold medal in the Korat Sea Games in 2007 and Ibrahim Amir's silver medal in the eight-ball at the Guangzhou Asian Games recently, are about the only notable achivements.



  1. At 73 and having led MSBF for more than 20 years, it is indeed the time to step down to make way for younger blood. Thank you for your leadership and services.
    I feel it is also time for WY Chin, as a gentleman that he is, also to step down from OCM and call it a day. This is also in line with the Olympic Charter and make that the reason for stepping down.
    The group of setuagenarian in the OCM Board makes it look like a a club for Rumah Orang Orang betul betul tua.

  2. Dear Anon 12.42 you are wrong, the Archery boys tried to put a cap on retirement under the Olympic Charter at 70. Their motion was shot down. OCM have decreed that they are not bound by the age restriction under the Charter. Please understand that Dato Sieh Kok Chi feels that he is still young and can serve OCM better than anyone. He will retire when he thinks he is ready to retire and not otherwise.

  3. Anon 12.42 p.m.what is troubling you with age. I am a retired person and although I am not 70, I believe we can still function effectively. I speak in Defence of Dato Sieh, look at him at 73 he is strong hale and hearty and can teach you little chikus a thing or two.
    As a retired person he have all the time in the world to dedicate his time to OCM. What has he done that is so wrong to put him into pasture? At 73 this old war horse still can run.
    Look at OCM today, you think the Board is running the day to day affair of OCM? You think Tunku Imran have the time to reply and look into the daily affairs of OCM. The Board depends on him and seriously speakingt Dato Sieh is OCM and OCM cannot survive without his leadership.
    The Pemanah can move to cap the age of 70, but who is going to replace Dato Sieh? Low Beng Choo , Roy Rajasingam or Moira ? All have no qualification and unless Tunku gives the green light only, they can stand.
    Dato hang on till you are 100, you are a shining example of the usefullness of senior citizen.

  4. Dear Ice Hockey,of course OCM is not bound by the IOC Charter restriction on age, because Dato Sieh cleverly left out the IOC "age clause" when he presented pindaan to the OCM Perlembagaan two years ago and argued that he was doing it to bring it in line with the IOC Charter!! Dato Sieh brandishes his bible the IOC Charter at every discussion (read arguement)he has with sports authorities like the MSN, the KBS, the Sports Commissioner, etc.
    then why did he leave out the "age clause"?
    Malaysian sports leaders go round saying that our young generation is not interested in service/volunteerism. But at the same time, they use every trick (including legislation) to
    keep us out.It is obvious that the oldies just want to hold on to their positions and enjoy the perks and power and make the world believe
    that they are sacrificing their time, energy and money.Our athletes are not so dumb. We know and we have seen, including the OCM leaders! So dear Ice Hockey, it is not that Dato Sieh "can serve OCM better than anyone" it
    is that he "can serve himself better than anyone". There are many Malaysians who can take OCM to much greater heights than to make it a "post office/stamping office" for the members and a travel agency for a select group!

  5. Goodness Gracious, Ice Hockey, so Dato Sieh told you that he will retire when he thinks that he is ready to retire and not otherwise? When you are there too long you begin to think that the position is your birthright. He has forgotten that he is holding an elected position and the members decide, not him!

  6. Sporting Sam and Anon2, Dato Sieh position is an elected position,and if Tunku Imran is supporting him, I feel no one dare to go against the Prince. Facts are facts, the Prince needs him for without him who is going to do the Prince's bidding. Be a sport don't blame the grand old man.
    My argument Sporting Sam is this, do not put the old man to pasture yet. Look Taib Mahmud the Chief Minister of Sarawak at 74 can take a 29 year old Lebanese bride, Dato Sieh at 73 still have some Om!Pah!Pah!in him to run OCM.
    2011 is election year, and you just watch the OCM members would not dare or want to vote him out. Why? elementary politics in OCM.Remember the Ang Pau issue the Board approved for their members in 2009 election. Say what you want he will be in and don't say I did not tell you so.